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Thesis submission

Submit your thesis

How you submit your thesis will depend on when you lodged your Notice of intent to submit.

If you lodged your Notice on or before 26 August, follow the instructions below to upload your thesis to CloudStor.

If you lodged your Notice from 1 September onwards, follow the instructions below to upload your thesis to RECS.

You need to submit an electronic copy of your thesis to HDRAC.

Before you submit, make sure your thesis meets the requirements for composition and frontispiece sections.

  1. Log in to CloudStor.
    • Select ‘The University of Sydney’ in the list of providers.
    • Log in with your UniKey and password.
  2. Upload your thesis.
    • Select the orange upload icon (+ symbol).
    • Navigate to and select your thesis file. Once uploaded it will appear in the list of documents immediately under the upload icon.
  3. Create a link to your thesis.
    • Hover your mouse over the file, select ‘share’ and then check the ‘share link’ box then select public links to create a public link. You can set an optional expiration date for the link, however do not add a password.
    • Email a copy of the link to yourself.
  4. Email your HDRAC faculty/school team from your University student email address.
    • In the email title, include your student ID, family name, given names and faculty.
    • Paste the link into the body of the email, no other information is required.
    • Attach your signed Supervisor's Statement form (docx, 38KB).

Once you’ve lodged your Notice of intent to submit in RECS, you will be able to submit your thesis. Log in to your Examination record in RECS; go to ‘My Project’,  ‘Examinations’,  ‘Thesis Submission’, then ‘Start now’.

Before you submit, make sure your thesis meets the requirements for composition and frontispiece sections.

Upload requirements:

  • Your thesis document will need to be in a single PDF file.
  • You can upload additional appendices or supporting documents in other formats.
  • The maximum single file size is 3.99GB but you can upload multiple files if needed.
  • If you need to submit a file that is over 3.99GB such as a video or audio recording contact your HDRAC faculty/school team for advice.

Once you have submitted your thesis, your lead supervisor will need to endorse your thesis submission in RECS. Your Notice of intent to submit request form previously submitted will need to be completed by your lead supervisor and other parties before they can commence endorsement of your thesis submission.

HDRAC monitors the progress of your examination, and will contact examiners where required to ensure outcomes are provided in the timeframe set out in the Thesis and Examination of Higher Degrees by Research Guidelines for Examiners 2020 (pdf, 102KB).


If you have submitted your Notice of intent confirming confidential information in your thesis, we will ensure your examiners sign a confidentiality agreement. HDRAC will do this regardless of which system you use to lodge your Notice and thesis.

Read our page on publishing and promoting your research which explains more about managing confidential information, copyright and intellectual property throughout your research.

Data privacy in RECS

RECS is a secure system which meets the University’s IT security requirements. Access to your exam record is restricted so that individuals can only see the information required for their role. For example, you will not be able to see the names of your examiners in RECS and examiners will not be able to see each other’s names.

More information

If you need help, you can contact your HDRAC faculty/school team.

If you're lodging your thesis in RECS, you’ll be able to access user guides and videos with more information once you log in.

Higher Degree by Research Administration Centre

  • HDRAC is closed for in-person enquiries

    Level 5, Jane Foss Russell Building, Darlington Campus


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Last updated: 21 September 2022

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