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Understanding honours

Eligibility and preparing for honours

To be eligible for honours, you’ll need to have a strong academic record, with a minimum weighted average mark (WAM) of 65 to 75 percent depending on the type of honours you intend to complete. This is automatically checked when we process your application.

You may also need to show that you have the ability to conduct high-quality academic research by preparing a research proposal.

If you want to apply for honours, it’s important to plan ahead. Many stand-alone honours degrees have prerequisite units of study that you need to complete during your undergraduate degree. Embedded honours units of study are integrated into the latter semesters of your undergraduate degree, often replacing electives, so you need to plan your units of study to accommodate this.

If you are showing strong academic performance early in your degree, your faculty or school may invite you to consider undertaking honours. They will outline the preparation units of study you will need to complete.

Eligibility criteria for each honours option is listed in the information on the following discipline pages.

Entry to honours is competitive. Places are often limited and depend on supervisors being available. This means entry to honours is not guaranteed by meeting the eligibility criteria, and may require a higher WAM.

Eligibility for exchange students

If you plan to go on exchange and want to apply for honours, you should first discuss this with the honours coordinator in your faculty or school.

Many types of honours have prerequisite units of study that you need to complete during your qualifying degree. You need to ensure you can complete these units of study before or after your exchange, or confirm there are equivalent units of study you can complete during your exchange program.

Your results are used to calculate your WAM for entry. If you go on exchange, there may be delays in receiving your results, and this could prevent your application from being assessed.

Preparing to apply

The way you apply for honours will depend on your faculty/school and the type of honours you want to complete. Generally, to apply for honours you will first need to choose a research topic for your honours study and may need to arrange a supervisor. Check our Applying for honours page for more information about how to apply for the type of honours you choose.


Some scholarships are available for honours students. Information on honours scholarships can be found on our scholarships website.

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