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Applying for honours

The way you apply for honours will depend on your faculty/school and your chosen honours program.

Overview and steps to apply

Honours allows you to build on your undergraduate studies by completing a self-directed research project. Check our Understanding honours page for more information on:

  • what's involved
  • the types of honours programs
  • preparing for honours
  • honours awards and classes.

Steps to apply

Generally the application process will follow the following steps. This may vary depending on your faculty and type of honours program, so check any additional information provided for your program.

Prepare a research topic proposal

You need to choose a research topic for your honours program. This should be an area of interest to you and considered of academic importance to your faculty. Most disciplines have an honours coordinator to assist with preparing your topic proposal, and in some cases may provide a list of available projects.

It is best to submit your research topic proposal early on. For stand-alone programs this should be before the end of your final semester. Be aware that pre-approval of your topic doesn’t guarantee entry to the honours program, you will still need to meet the other eligibility requirements.

In some faculties and schools, you may need to provide a preliminary topic proposal first. Once this is approved, you then develop a more detailed research proposal that will form part of your thesis.


Find a supervisor

You may need to arrange a supervisor before you apply.

Contact your honours coordinator in your faculty or school for information about honours projects and potential supervisors. It is best to find a supervisor with experience in your topic area.

You may need to meet with your proposed supervisor to see if they are able to supervise your honours program and discuss your proposed research topic. You should provide evidence of this with your application.


Submit your application

Submit an application form with any required supporting documents. The way this is done and the application deadlines vary depending on your program of choice and faculty.

Your application will be assessed by the relevant faculty or school. You will be offered a place in the honours program provided there are places available and you have met the eligibility criteria, including completion of any prerequisites.

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