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Honours scholarships

Domestic student scholarships
Browse scholarships for students taking an honours year - whether it's embedded in your undergraduate degree, or a standalone/appended program.

To find a scholarship that works for you, expand the relevant category and click on the scholarship title links. Alternatively, you can browse the full list of honours scholarships in the table below.

This page includes scholarships for both prospective and current students. 



Value Eligibility Open date Close date

University of Sydney Honours Scholarship

  • Student applying for honours in Semester 1 or Semester 2, 2022
1 September 2021 7 January 2022

Diana Inglis Carment Scholarship

  • Commencing the Bachelor of Design in Architecture (Honours) degree

JW and BK Elkins Architectural Award

  • Completion of the Bachelor of Design in Architecture
  • Continuing to honours
Carlyle Greenwell Research Scholarship Up to $20,000
  • Honours, Master of Arts (Research), MPhil or PhD student in Archaeology
15 May 2023 9 June 2023
Emilie M Schweitzer Scholarship in French and Germanic Studies Up to $8000
  • Studying French and Francophone or Germanic Studies
16 February 2023 9 March 2023
James S Ashton Memorial Scholarship $4000
  • Undergraduate student in agricultural science
N/A March 2023
John Frazer Scholarship $5000 (honours) and $8500 (master's or PhD)
  • Enrolled in a BA (Hons), BA/BAS (Hons), BAS (Hons), master's by research or PhD in School of Humanities
  • Conducting research in history
14 February 2023 13 March 2023
John Rector Scholarship in Jewish Studies Up to $,4000 p.a. (for up to 1 year)
  • Full-time student in an Honours, Master of Arts, Master of Philosophy or PhD
  • Undertaking Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish studies
4 July 2022 29 July 2022
Judith Russell Ryan Scholarships in Memory of Signora Tedeschi $5,000
  • Italian honours student
15 December 2022 9 February 2023
Lucy Firth Equity Honours Scholarship $5,000 p.a.
  • Philosophy honours student
  • Demonstrate financial hardship
23 February 2023 23 March 2023
Norman Haire Fund for Sexology Studies TBC
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident, or New Zealand citizen
  • Honours, master's by research or PhD student, or academic affiliate
  • Researching sexology
3 May 2023 13 June 2023
Peter Lawrence Memorial Scholarship TBC
  • Enrolled in Anthropology in an Honours, Master of Arts (Research), MPhil or PhD degree
  • Applying for specified research project  funding
19 April 2023 16 May 2023

Raymond L Debus Scholarship

$5000 or $8500
  • Domestic student
  • Studying or conducting research in education
10 November 2022 7 December 2022

The Chinese Studies Alumni Bursary

  • University of Sydney Chinese studies student intending to undertake in-country study program in China or Taiwan
  • Chinese partner university student intending to undertake units in Chinese Studies at the University of Sydney
28 November 2022 16 January 2023
The James Coutts Scholarship $7,500 p.a. (up to 1 year)
  • Enrolled full-time in a honours year in English within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
22 February 2023 22 March 2023

The Politis Family Scholarship in Modern Greek and/or Byzantine Studies

  • Undergraduate or postgraduate coursework student in FASS
  • Studying modern Greek or Byzantine studies
23 March 2023 20 April 2023

The T M Hsiao Scholarship

  • Completed a major in Chinese Studies (introductory)
  • Intend to proceed to Honours in Chinese studies
28 November 2022 2 February 2023

United States Studies Centre Travel Support Scheme - Honours

See page details
  • See page details
15 April 2020 4 June 2020
Canon Honours Scholarship Up to $8000
  • Enrolling in a business honours program with marketing specialisation

Continuing Undergraduate Merit Scholarship

  • Undergraduate coursework or honours student
  • Completed at least one year of study
Finance Honours Scholarship Up to $5000
  • Commencing an honours year in finance
International Business Scholarship in Honours $6000
  • Enrol into an international business honours program
  • Minimum WAM of 75 in undergraduate international business units
RJ Chambers Honours Scholarship Up to $10,000
  • Fourth year honours student in the Discipline of Accounting 
27 February 2023 19 March 2023
Rabo Tertiary Pathways Scholarship $15,000 
  • Domestic/International students
  • Fourth year of study in agriculture or a business-related discipline at The University of Sydney
See page for details
See page for details
Robert R Sterling Distinguished Honours Scholarship in Accounting $10,000
  • Student planning to take an honours year in accounting
1 January 2021 28 March 2021
The Gilles Kryger Honours Scholarship in Finance Up to $15,000
  • Commencing Finance Honours
Westbrook and Jessie Anstice Honours Scholarship in Business $7000
  • Enrolling in honours at the Business School
27 February 2023 23 March 2023
Carolyn Mcilvenny Scholarship $10,000 pa (for up to 3 years)
  • Full-time undergraduate chemical and biomolecular engineering student
  • Demonstrate financial need
TBC 2021 TBC 2021
Citadel Securities Prize for Excellence in Computer Science $1,000 p.a. (for one year)
  • Domestic/international student
  • Currently enrolled full-time in fourth year (Honours) of the Bachelor of Advanced Computing
Engineering Sydney Industry Placement Scholarship $19,000
  • Full-time undergraduate, postgraduate coursework or combined degree student
  • Undertake a placement scheme
2 August 2022 28 August 2022
Engineering Vacation Research Internship Program Scholarship $500 p.w. (up to 8 weeks)
  • Coursework engineering student
  • Student at the University of Sydney, or another Australian university
27 March 2023 16 April 2023
Yim Family Foundation Scholarship - Engineering Vacation Research Program $600 p.w. (internship duration)
  • Students studying an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework engineering degree
  • Enrolled at University of Sydney
TBC 2022 TBC 2022

Douglas and Lola Douglas Scholarship in Health Sciences (Occupational Therapy)

  • Domestic honours student in third-year Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy)
26 October 2021 23 November 2021

Douglas and Lola Douglas Scholarship in Health Sciences (Physiotherapy)

  • Domestic honours student in third-year Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy)
26 October 2021 23 November 2021

Douglas and Lola Douglas Scholarship in Health Sciences (Speech Pathology)

  • Domestic honours student in third-year Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology)
26 October 2021 23 November 2021
The John Andrew Loveridge Scholarship in Pharmacy and Management $20,000 p.a. (up to 5 years)
  • Domestic student
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy and Management (Honours) 
  • ATAR of 90 or equivalent
  • Preference given to applicants from rural or regional areas
6 March 2023 20 March 2023

Women's Plans Foundation Award 

  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Currently enrolled in an undergraduate honours year or postgraduate degree in nursing
  • Interest in reproductive health and family planning as a component of women’s health in developing countries

Brian Davey Memorial Soil Science Scholarship

  • Undertaking an honours program or specialising in soil science
20 October 2022 31 January 2023
Deas Thomson Scholarships (Geology and Mineralogy) $6,000 p.a. (up to one year)
  • Domestic/international student
  • Unconditional offer of admission in Honours
  • Studying Geology and/or Mineralogy within the School of Geosciences

Faculty of Science Honours Relocation Scholarships

  • Commencing honours student enrolling full-time
  • Completed an undergraduate degree at a university overseas, interstate or in rural or remote NSW
20 October 2022 31 January 2023

Grains Research Development Corporation (GRDC) Undergraduate Scholarship

  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Honours student in the Faculty of Science
  • Endorsed by a Research Supervisor
  • Willing to undertake research into primary industry and, in particular, grains.

John Coutts Scholarship

  • Studying the Bachelor of Science (Honours), or embedded honours study within the Bachelor of Advanced Studies
  • Achieve highest grades in third and final year of the Bachelor of Science
20 October 2022 31 January 2023
McCaughey Memorial Institute Scholarship in Agriculture $7500
  • Progressing to or enrolled in a full-time honour with an agricultural research topic 
  • Have achieved a WAM of 65 or above, or equivalent 
  • Be able to demonstrate financial hardship
20 October 2022 31 January 2023
Mrs Elva Rae Talented Mathematics Scholarship $5,000 p.a. (up to one year only)
  • Domestic/international student
  • Female student
  • Having an unconditional offer of admission, commencing and enrolled full-time in either an Honours or Masters degree
December 2022 February 2023
Norman Scott Noble Honours Scholarship $4000 
  • Undertaking an honours program in agriculture
20 October 2022 31 January 2023

Philip Thomas Collins Scholarship

  • Studying a full-time honours program in the Faculty of Science
  • Demonstrate financial need
20 October 2022 31 January 2023

School of Physics Honours Scholarship

  • Enrolled in physics honours
  • Completed a major in physics
  • Achieved a distinction average, or equivalent, in senior Physics units
20 October 2022 31 January 2023

The Malcolm Turki Memorial Scholarship

  • Australian citizen
  • Commencing/enrolled in an honours degree in the School of Physics
  • Have completed a major in physics in Bachelor's degree
  • Demonstrate financial hardship
20 October 2022 31 January  2023

Walter Moore Honours Scholarships

  • Being currently enrolled in full-time or part-time in an Honours degree within the School of Chemistry
  • Demonstrate financial need
08 May 2023 13 August 2023

Yim Family Foundation Scholarship

  • Studying a full-time honours program in chemistry, mathematics, molecular bioscience and/or physics
  • Demonstrate financial need
20 October 2022 31 January 2023
The AgriFutures Gary Sansom Scholarship $35,000
  • See page details
15 January 2021 24 February 2021
Lebanese Ladies Association Scholarship in Arabic Language and Cultures $8,200 p.a. (up to 1 years)
  • Full time third year student in a B of Arts or B of Arts / B of Advanced Studies
  • Student enrolled full time in a B of Advanced Studies or standalone appended or embedded Honours program
  • Majoring in Arabic Languages and Cultures
23 March 2023 20 April 2023
Tom Austen Brown Honours Scholarship in Archaeology $22,000 p.a. (up to 1 year)
  • Unconditional offer or enrolled in Bachelor of Arts (Honours) or Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Honours)
  • Honours research area in Archaeology
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent
6 March 2023 28 April 2023
Carlyle Greenwell Honours Scholarship $8,500 p.a.
  • Anthropology honours student
  • Completed a major in Anthropology in a Bachelor's degree
  • Demonstrate disadvantage or hardship
1 November 2022 1 February 2023
American Studies Honours Scholarship $1,250
  • Unconditional offer or enrolled full-time in B. Arts (Honours) or B. Advanced Studies (Honours)
  • Honours in American Studies
  • Willing to undertake a project or activity
1 August 2022 19 August 2022
The Kristina Hacket Memorial Scholarship $6,000 p.a. 
  • Domestic/international female student
  • unconditional offer of admission or being currently enrolled full-time in an Honours degree in the fields of agriculture and animal sciences
20 October 2022 31 January 2023
Sydney Symposium Choral Foundation Conducting Scholarship $15,000 p.a. 
  • Domestic student
  • Must be aged up to 35 years
18 August 2022 15 September 2022
Charles Herbert Currey Memorial Scholarship for LawWithoutWalls Sprint Program $2,000
  • Domestic and international student
  • Currently enrolled in a full-time or part-time Bachelor of Laws, Juris Doctor, Master of Laws and Master of Business Law within the University of Sydney Law School
  • Willing to attend the LawWithoutWalls (LWOW) Sprint program
Honours Scholarship in Indigenous Genomics $3,500 p.a. 
  • An Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island person
  • Full-time enrolled or commencing students in the Data Science or Statistics Honours Program 
  • Have achieved a WAM of 65 and above in previous tertiary studies
03 April 2023 30 June 2023

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