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The T M Hsiao Scholarship

A scholarship in Chinese studies
This scholarship supports students to pursue honours in Chinese studies.


Value Eligibility Open date Close date
  • Chinese studies student planning to study honours
15 June 2020 30 July 2020

How to apply

Apply here.


This scholarship is valued at $1500 for six months only. 

Successful recipients who undertake relevant studies at a Chinese or Taiwanese University may apply for credit towards their University of Sydney degree.

Who's eligible

You must:

  • have completed a major in Chinese Studies at the University of Sydney
  • plan to proceed to honours in Chinese Studies.

Travel requirements: Due to COVID-19 the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has extended the deadline for successful recipients to complete their travel to 31 December 2021.

Successful recipients will need to refer to their scholarship offer letter for further details.


This scholarship was established in 1992 from a donation by the family of the late Mr. Hsiao Tsung-mou, the former general manager of the World Book Company, Taiwan.

This scholarship assists students to undertake advanced training at a Chinese University and/or collect research material in China or Taiwan for their honours thesis.

1. Background

a. Established in 1997, this Scholarship has been generously donated by Professor John Wong to assist students studying Chinese at the University of Sydney to travel to China to extend their experience of the language.

2. Eligibility

a. Applicants must be enrolled at the University of Sydney in Chinese Studies.

b. Applicants must be intending to travel to China and where possible spend some time in Hong Kong, for the purpose of exposure to Chinese culture and improving their knowledge of the Chinese language.

c. Applicants are expected to undertake a course of study at a Chinese university.

3. Selection Criteria

a. The Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of:

I. academic merit, and

II. personal statement describing applicant’s motivation and details of their current plans to study in China.

b. Preference may be given to students who:

I. are enrolled in second year Chinese, third year Chinese or Senior Intermediate Chinese at the time of application, or

II. have not been awarded other bursary(ies), scholarship(s) or funding support for their travel to China at the time of award.

c. The Scholarship will be awarded by the Head of School of Languages and Cultures or their nominated delegate on the recommendation of the Chair of Chinese Studies upon the advice of a selection committee consisting of members of the Department of Chinese Studies.

4. Value

a. The Scholarship is valued at $1,500 and is for tenable six months only.

b. The Scholarship value will be paid as a one off payment after census date.

c. Deferral of the Scholarship is not permitted without the prior permission of Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and it is not transferable to another University school, faculty or university.

d. The Scholarship will be offered subject to the availability of funds.

e. No other amount is payable.

5. Ongoing eligibility

a. To continue receipt of the Scholarship, the recipient must maintain satisfactory academic performance.

6. Termination

a. The Scholarship will be terminated if the recipient:

I. withdraws from an eligible course or fails to enrol,

II. commences part-time study without prior approval,

III. does not maintain satisfactory academic performance,

IV. is determined by the University to be guilty of serious misconduct, including, but not limited to, having provided false or misleading information as part of their Scholarship application,

V. is awarded an alternative primary scholarship. In such circumstances this scholarship will be terminated in favour of the alternative scholarship where the alternative scholarship is of higher value,

VI. does not resume study at the end of a period of approved leave, or

VII. any other provision as indicated in these terms that would lead to termination.

b. Once the Scholarship has been terminated, it will not be reinstated.

c. Where a student is found guilty of serious misconduct or withdraws from the relevant course, the University reserves the right to request that any Scholarship funds paid to the Scholarship recipient be reimbursed.