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Carlyle Greenwell Research Scholarship

An honours and postgraduate scholarship in archaeology

This scholarship supports students in  Archaeology to undertake a research project.


Value Eligibility Open date Close date
Up to $10,000
  • Honours, Master of Arts (Research), MPhil or PhD student in Archaeology
26 October 2022 23 November 2022

How to apply

Apply here.


The value of each scholarship will be determined by the selection committee and will have a maximum value of:

  • $10,000 for a PhD recipient
  • $5000 for a master of philosophy recipient
  • $500 for a Master of Arts (Research) or honours recipients. 

Who's eligible

You must:

  • be enrolled in Archaeology in honours, a Masters of Arts (Research), master of philosophy, or a PhD
  • be applying for funding for the specified research project
  • be applying for funding for expenses you expect to incur prior to spending.

Note: Funds may not be used for preparation of a thesis for presentation. Previous recipients may be eligible to re-apply when the previous scholarships ends, and the total amount awarded for any one project under this scholarship is less than the maximum value in Clause 4.a of the terms and conditions.


This scholarship was founded from a bequest by architect Carlyle Greenwell.

1. Background

a. This Scholarship was bequeathed by Carlyle Greenwell, an architect, for student research, field work and original literary work in Anthropology (including Archaeology).

b. The Scholarship is funded by The Carlyle Greenwell Research Fund for Students in Anthropology.

2. Eligibility

a. Applicants must be enrolled in Archaeology at the University of Sydney in one of the following degrees:

I. Honours,
II. Masters of Arts (Research),
III. Master of Philosophy, or
IV. PhD.

b. Applicants must be applying for funding to be used for the specified research project only. Funds may not be used for preparation of a thesis for presentation.

c. Applicants must be applying for funding for expenses they expect to incur and prior to spending. Funds may not normally be applied for retrospective funding.

d. Applicants who have been previously awarded this Scholarship may be eligible to re-apply:

I. when the previous scholarships ends, and
II. the total amount awarded for any one project under this Scholarship is less than the maximum value in Clause 4.a.

3. Selection Criteria

a. The successful applicant will be awarded the Scholarship on the basis of:

I. academic merit,
II. project details including:
i. the research problem,
ii. the intellectual background to this problem,
iii. the proposed research methods, material and location,
iv. how this research relates to the overall research proposal for their degree,
v. detailed budget* and justification of the research project, and
vi. if applicable, information on how the applicant intends to fund additional research costs if this is required to complete their degree.
*If applicable, travel budgets must include an amount for travel insurance for all flights and accommodation relating to the proposal.

b. The successful applicant will be awarded the Scholarship on the nomination of the Head of School, School of Humanities on the recommendation of a Committee consisting of the:

I. Chair of Archaeology, and
II. two other academic staff members in Archaeology, who are the HDR Coordinator and Honours Coordinator.

4. Value

a. The value of each Scholarship will be determined by the selection committee and will have a maximum value for any one project of:

I. $10,000 for a PhD,
II. $5,000 for a Master of Philosophy, or
III. $500 for a Master of Arts (Research) or Honours degree.

b. The Scholarship value will be paid as a lump sum to the recipient once the conditions are suitable for travel and fieldwork or use of the funds. The recipient will apply for release of the funds via the Humanities Research Support Office. The recipient must email to request the release of the funds. The Scholarships Office will pay recipients upon receipt of approval from Humanities Research Support Office.

c. The Scholarship will not fund research:

I. which could be more appropriately funded by other sources including supervisor’s own research funds, Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation, University of Sydney Postgraduate Research Support Scheme, or
II. for any extra research funding awarded to students in receipt of a Research Training Program Stipend Scholarship.

d. The Scholarship may be awarded to cover legitimate student research costs in excess of funds already obtained (or applied for) from elsewhere.

e. No other amount is payable.

f. The Scholarship will be offered subject to the availability of funding.

5. Other Requirements

a. Recipients are required to maintain receipts for up to one year for all costs incurred that are relevant to this Scholarship. Recipients may be required to produce these receipts if requested by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

b. If applicable, recipients must take out travel insurance.

6. Termination

a. The scholarship will terminate:

I. on resignation or withdrawal of the student from their Honours, Masters of Arts (Research), Master of Philosophy or PhD,
II. upon the student having completed
i. the maximum candidature for their degree as per the University of Sydney (Higher Degree by Research) Rule 2011 Policy for a PhD, Master of Philosophy or Master of Arts (Research), or
ii. 1 year equivalent full time study for an Honours.
III. upon submission of the thesis or at the end of the award,
IV. if the student does not resume study at the end of a period of approved leave, or
V. if the student ceases to meet the eligibility requirements specified for this Scholarship, (other than during a period in which the Scholarship has been suspended or during a period of approved leave).

b. The Scholarship may also be terminated by the University before this time if, in the opinion of the University:

I. the course of study is not being carried out with competence and diligence or in accordance with the terms of this offer,
II. the student fails to maintain satisfactory progress, or
III. the student has committed misconduct or other inappropriate conduct.

c. The Scholarship will be suspended throughout the duration of any enquiry/appeal process.

d. Once the Scholarship has been terminated, it will not be reinstated unless due to University error.

8. Misconduct

a. Where during the Scholarship a student engages in misconduct, or other inappropriate conduct (either during the Scholarship or in connection with the student’s application and eligibility for the Scholarship), which in the opinion of the University warrants recovery of funds provided, the University may require the student to repay payments made in connection with the Scholarship. Examples of such conduct include and without limitation; academic dishonesty, research misconduct within the meaning of the Research Code of Conduct (for example, plagiarism in proposing, carrying out or reporting the results of research, or failure to declare or manage a serious conflict of interests), breach of the Code of Conduct for Students and misrepresentation in the application materials or other documentation associated with the Scholarship.

b. The University may require such repayment at any time during or after the Scholarship period. In addition, by accepting this Scholarship, the student consents to all aspects of any investigation into misconduct in connection with this Scholarship being disclosed by the University to the funding body and/or any relevant professional body.