Sydney Student terms and conditions

Access and use

By accessing the online applications management tool ('Sydney Student') via the University of Sydney ('University') website at: ('Website') for the purposes of submitting and the University processing your application for candidature ('Application') in a course, unit of study or subject offered by the University ('Course'), you agree that you have read and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below ('Terms'). You will be prompted to agree to be bound to the Terms prior to submitting any information in Sydney Student.

Please seek independent legal advice if you have any questions or concerns about these Terms before accepting them.

To the extent of any inconsistency with these Terms and any other terms and conditions that you may read on our University Website, these Terms prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

Changes to the Website

The University may in its absolute discretion (and without notice) change these Terms at any time, including (but not limited to) changes to Sydney Student and its Website, such as information provided about admission requirements, course content, course fees and University services. The University will publish these changes on this webpage or elsewhere on its Website.

Accuracy, completeness and currency of information and material on webpages

You acknowledge that whilst every reasonable effort has been made to include all relevant information on the pages of the Website about the Courses (including the content of those Courses and applicable fees), subject to your Statutory Guarantee Rights (discussed below) and otherwise to the extent permitted by law, this cannot be guaranteed, given that information is gathered from numerous sources, departments and faculties, the University cannot and does not warrant that any information on the Website is correct or up to date.

The relevant authorised officer, originating or authorised faculty, department or body of the University responsible for the Course can provide all correct and up to date information on the Course in which you are interested. You must consult them directly to confirm the accuracy, completeness and currency of the information found on any page of this Website (including information about Course content and fees). You must do this before taking any step towards enrolment with the University.

Above all, you must not, and you undertake not to, rely on the information on this Website to submit an application, enrol in any Course, or make any decision or take any other steps.

Your Application

You agree that when you apply to be admitted to the University and enrol in a Course that:

  • in response to each question or request for information on the Website, you have provided in your Application all information within your knowledge, having conducted all reasonable inquiries;
  • all information supplied by you as part of your Application is in no way misleading and/or deceptive and completely accurate as at the date of your Application;
  • you will directly notify the University immediately should any information contained in your Application no longer comply with these Terms, or be completely accurate at the time that you are formally enrolling with the University, and you agree to advise the University so that it has an opportunity to consider what impact this may have on your enrolment to the University;
  • if you provide any formal written responses as part of your Application, for example a thesis, personal statement, research proposal or portfolio, and that information is part of the University’s acceptance criteria of you to a particular Course, you warrant that it was completed by you and without any assistance from any other person or any other source whatsoever (unless and to the extent otherwise authorised by the University);
  • you will pay any applicable fees or other liabilities incurred by you in applying to or undertaking the Course, either on demand or otherwise when provided for;
  • you will only use Sydney Student and this Website for the purpose of applying to enrol in a Course and at the University and for no other purpose;
  • and you will not do anything to interfere with the functioning of Sydney Student or this Website or other applications within the University’s systems other than using this system for your admission to the University;
  • and you understand that your Application and enrolment at the University is subject to you complying with these Terms

You further agree to the following:

  • the University’s policies and procedures (as may be amended from time to time) apply to your admission, enrolment and payment of fees; and
  • you and anyone nominated by you, agree to receiving communications from the University via email and your online Student portal (Sydney Student).


The University will not use or disclose any personal information (forming part of your Application) for purposes other than that for which it was collected, or for other directly related purposes (administrative, educational or otherwise) that we have no reason to believe that you would object to, without your consent, unless the University is otherwise permitted or required to do so by any relevant law.

The University may distribute aggregated statistical information for statutory reporting purposes to third parties, but only in a form that will not allow your identity to be apparent or reasonably ascertainable from that information (unless appropriate consent is obtained and/or the University is otherwise permitted or required to do so by any relevant law).

Please send an email to, if you have an enquiry or would like to verify the type of information that we will hold about you (ie pertaining to your Application).

Please also note that when you visit the Website the University server does make a record of your visit and logs the following information:

  • your IP address;
  • the date and time of your visit to the Website;
  • the webpages you have accessed and the documents you have downloaded;
  • the previous website that you just visited;
  • the type of browser you are using; and
  • the username entered if accessing a restricted webpage on our Website.


You agree that the University is the rightful owner of any intellectual property in the content of the University’s Website (and the webpages that form part of it) and on Sydney Student (unless stated otherwise). The software that forms part of Sydney Student is either owned by the University or the University is an authorised user pursuant to a licence agreement with a third party.

You are permitted to use (copy, save, download) material on the University’s Website for the sole purpose of completing your application and enrolling in a Course with the University.

You are not permitted to use any of the University’s material on its Website for any other purposes (commercial or otherwise) unrelated to your application and enrolment to the University (unless permitted by prior written consent of an authorised officer of the University, or under relevant Australian copyright law).

If you have any questions about permissible use of any copyright material that forms part of the University’s Website, please direct them to the Director of the Student Lifecycle Management.

Hyperlinks to other websites

From time to time the University might display on its Website hyperlinks to other websites outside of the University. You agree that this does not in any way imply that the University is a supporter of or has any affiliation, relationship, partnership or otherwise with that external body, and the goods and/or services offered by that body, nor do we exercise any sort of editorial control over the content of those external websites (unless these issues are explicitly addressed on our own Website).

You are encouraged to read any further terms and conditions that may govern your use, access or otherwise of these external websites.

Potential errors, viruses, and other technicalities in this Website

You acknowledge that whilst every reasonable effort has been made by the University to ensure the successful operation of Sydney Student and the Website, subject to your Statutory Guarantee Rights (discussed below) and otherwise to the extent permitted by law, the University cannot and does not guarantee that Sydney Student (and any other application management systems) and the Website will operate free of errors (including any security breaches) or any other technicalities that may impede its functionality at all times of operation.

Subject to your Statutory Guarantee Rights (discussed below) and otherwise to the extent permitted by law:

  • you agree that your use of Sydney Student (and any other application management systems) and the Website is at your own risk, and you should be aware of this prior to using that application and this Website for the purposes of your Application; and
  • the University does not accept any responsibility, and cannot guarantee, the security of information sent by you or on your behalf as part of your Application (or otherwise) to the University, including via the Internet or any other means.

Warranties and your Statutory Guarantee Rights

You acknowledge that you enter into these Terms freely and voluntarily based upon your own information, legal advice, and/or investigation.

You have rights under the Australian Consumer Law, as defined in the Competition and Consumer Law Act 2010, ('Statutory Guarantee') for any loss or damage you suffer in connection with Sydney Student (and any other application management system) and the Website, but, the University and its officers otherwise accept no responsibility to you for that loss or damage.

To give legal effect to the foregoing:

(a) you waive any rights you have or may have against the University and its officers in respect of any Claim in connection with Sydney Student (and any other application management system) and the Website, in respect of which the University acts as agent for its officers and holds their respective rights hereunder on trust for those officers;

(b) nothing in these Terms excludes, restricts or modifies, or has the effect of excluding, restricting or modifying, the application of, or your exercise of the Statutory Guarantees or any liability of the University for failing to satisfy the Statutory Guarantees in connection with Sydney Student (and any other application management system) and the Website, where to do so would have the effect of rendering the relevant provision in these Terms void or otherwise unenforceable; and

(c) subject to paragraph (b) (above), any condition, warranty or guarantee implied by law is excluded from these Terms and the liability for a breach of any Statutory Guarantee is limited to the full extent permitted by law, where Claim means any claim, allegation, suit, action, demand, cause of action or proceeding (including any prosecution, in which the prosecuting authority seeks a pecuniary penalty), irrespective of when it arises, whether or not it is actual or contingent and whether or not it is at law (including under contract or tort), in equity or under statute.


If any part of these Terms are held to be invalid and/or unenforceable, that part shall be severed from the Terms, and the remainder of these Terms will continue to be valid and enforceable.

The laws of the state of New South Wales, Australia apply to these Terms.