30 April 2018

How to live your best student life

Our Graduate Medal finalists for 2018 have made incredible achievements in each of their fields. We spoke to 6 finalists to hear some of the most important lessons they’ve learned along the way.
23 April 2018

6 ways to step up your study game - redirect

20 April 2018

How to take charge of your career change

Staying engaged, relevant and satisfied in your career needn't be an elusive goal. Here's how to redesign your career development in pursuit of your next professional challenge - which may not be up the corporate ladder.

19 April 2018

7 reasons to go to the Sydney Writers’ Festival

From discounted tickets to interactive workshops, international authors to discussions on #MeToo, here’s why you should check out the Sydney Writers’ Festival, taking place at Carriageworks and the Seymour Centre this year.
13 April 2018

How to nail your post-graduation game plan

You’re so close to throwing that graduation cap in the air. Not sold on your next move? We’ve listed a few options you might consider if you’re not sure what road to take after Eastern Avenue.
09 April 2018

Exchange perks you might not expect

There are plenty of reasons to have a global experience – see the world, learn a language and make new friends – but what about the less-tangible rewards? Past exchange students share the perks they didn’t even consider before leaving.
06 April 2018

Students give their take on the Sydney Writers’ Festival program

Our Sydney Writers’ Festival student reporters, Bianca Farmakis and Haydn Hickson, got the inside scoop at this year’s program launch party – what to expect, who to see and their take on the 2018 theme: ‘Power’.
03 April 2018

Going for gold… and high distinctions

Meet three of our Gold Coast-bound student athletes and find out how they balance the demands of training, assignments and life’s other commitments.