30 November 2021

Do you have an idea for an event to welcome students back in 2022?

The Welcome Week Grant Program provides funding and support for students to host events that will welcome students back to campus and the University community.
26 November 2021

Turning disadvantages into advantages in an age of uncertainty

Your senior years have been full of disruptions and challenges. Professor John Shields explains why resilience will be your greatest asset and how to make the most out of a crisis.

16 November 2021

Making campus a safe community for all

Sharon Chung from the Safer Communities Office explains the support we offer, so you know what to expect and are informed to make the decision that’s most comfortable to you.

10 November 2021

Co-curricular Grants Program makes student ideas a reality

The Student Co-curricular Grants Funding Program, launched by the Office of Student Life, provides funding and support for students to create innovative new projects. Find out how three teams that were successful in 2021 are using their funding.
03 November 2021

How to manage exam stress in a post-pandemic world?

This year’s exam season feels a little bit different. Clinical Psychologist Dr Erin Kelly from the Matilda Centre shares her ways to manage exam stress and keep up with renewed social activities.