27 February 2017

How to uni

University is a bit different to high school. You’ll find yourself adjusting to a new way of learning and studying. But don’t worry, we have some simple lessons that will help you transition seamlessly into your new university life.

30 November 2016

Employability skills: 6 ways to get a job and keep it

These days, more than ever, having a university education isn’t the only thing that’ll land you your dream job. We spoke to employers to get their top tips on the employability skills you should have.

13 December 2016

8 things to do in your first year at university

The University of Sydney is a vibrant campus – we asked students on campus to share their tips for the best things to do in your first year of university. This is what they said.

15 December 2016

Top 10 tips for first-year students

Your first year on campus can be intimidating. New people. New classes. New locations. We asked current University of Sydney students to share the things they have learned during their time on campus.

27 October 2016

7 tips to sharpen your mind for exams

University of Sydney alumnus and mental health advocate Dr Benjamin Veness shares his tips on how to avoid stress and practice mindfulness.
07 October 2016

5 reasons why postgraduate study is worth it

Find out why postgraduate study is so important in a world of innovation, where upskilling is a necessary mechanism for survival.

29 September 2016

5 things you learn about yourself at university

Self-reflect and learn about yourself: discover what you’re passionate about, learn how to embrace change and what your best qualities are, and how to let your self-confidence shine through.

30 September 2016

How to launch a successful startup

As a judge of our Innovation Week Student Challenge, Dr. Jay Spence is helping other young entrepreneurs to get their start. We asked him for his tips on pitching and launching a successful startup.
19 April 2017

Is there value in a graduate certificate or diploma?

Find out why many of our students choose to study a graduate certificate or diploma and explore the benefits of these types of degrees.
26 May 2017

How to be a girl boss: tips to take the stress out of networking

In their final year of study at the University of Sydney, Nina Khoury and Adriana Stefanatos created the ENID Network to help women start their careers. Ahead of their upcoming on-campus event, Nina shared 5 networking tips.