Study abroad at Sydney

Experience student life at one of the top universities in Australia

We are one of Australia’s best universities, with a stunning campus located in the heart of vibrant Sydney. As part of your overseas degree, you can study as an exchange student for a memorable experience.

Why study in Australia? 

At the University of Sydney, we offer three unique study abroad and student exchange programs with guaranteed accomodation:
  • semester programs (one and two semester),
  • spring friendly program 
  • short-term programs (two sessions)

We also have special programs and support to help you settle into our vibrant student community. You can:

  • join our Mates Abroad mentoring program and get paired with a likeminded, enthusiastic local student mentor to ease your transition into Sydney life.
  • participate in unqiue activities, such as surf camp, local sports games, city tours and more, that run throughout the year where you will meet other students and experience beautiful Australian sights.
  • experience an orientation session on arrival in Sydney and meet other students, be introduced to life in Sydney and be invited on a campus tour.

Study abroad: Eligibility and how to apply

Study abroad is a program for students where there is no reciprocal exchange agreement. You enrol and pay fees directly to the University of Sydney, but are not enrolled in a full degree here. 

A foreign student would typically choose to complete study abroad over student exchange for the following reasons:

  • your home institution has no reciprocal exchange partner agreement with the University of Sydney
  • your home institution only has a limited number of places available for student exchange, and you have not managed to secure one
  • depending on what country you live in, it may be cheaper for you to come to the University of Sydney on study abroad over student exchange.

You must:

  • have achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 point scale, or an average grade of ‘C’ or better on the European ECTS grading scale (or equivalent).
  • meet the English entry requirements.
Gap year or first year students

If you're just finishing secondary school or in your first year of university, this program is an excellent way to earn credit at the University of Sydney. With over 170 semester-long units of study with no prerequisites or assumed knowledge, you’re spoilt for choice.

You will:

1. Apply online 

Follow the relevant below link, and select 'apply now'.

You will need to include:

If you're a research student, you will need to also include:

Step 2: Receive and accept your offer letter

You will receive your offer letter via email. It will include instructions on how to log in to your Sydney Student account and respond to your offer. You will need to pay your tuition, deposit and/or Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) before you can apply for your visa.

Step 3: Apply for your student visa

Once you've completed Step 2, you will receive your Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE). You need your eCoE for your visa application. You can check visa application details through the Department of Home Affairs

  2025 program start date
Applications close
Semester 1 Mid February 30 November 2024
Semester 2 Late July 30 April 2025
Short term program 22 June 31 March 2025
Spring friendly program 5 January 31 October 2025
Research Ongoing Contact your supervisor

In 2024, the fees are: 

  • Tuition fee for one semester (24 credit points): $12,600
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for 6 months: $356*
  • Textbooks: $200-300
  • Additional materials, equipment and field trips for some units of study: $50-$200 per unit of study

*indicative rate for 2024 and based on the University's preferred provider

Find out more about living costs in Sydney

Student exchange programs: Eligibility and how to apply

Student exchange programs are available to students who are enrolled in one of our 250 overseas partner universities. When you come as an exchange student, your tuition fees are paid to your home university.

You must:

  • be enrolled at one of our partner universities
  • be nominated by your home university, so you must apply through their exchange program
  • meet our English entry requirements
  • have achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 point scale, or an average grade of ‘C’ or better on the European ECTS grading scale (or equivalent).

Apply through your home university's exchange program. They'll then guide you through the process.

You will pay your usual tuition fees and study costs to your home institution. You are best to check with your home institution to make sure everything is covered — they will advise you if there are any extra costs associated with coming here.

Find out more about living costs in Sydney

Choose your subjects

Browse our course finder to choose your units of study (subjects).

For one semester, you’ll typically enrol in four units of study (each valued at 6 credit points) to make up a workload of 24 credit points. For a one-year program, you will enrol in 48 credit points across two semesters.

For short-term programs (pdf, 2.8MB), you can choose one or two intensive units of study, each valued at 6 credit points.

You need to:

  • check that you meet any requirements, including prerequisites
  • make sure you can get credit toward your degree for the subjects you choose. You will need to confirm this with your home institution.

Our advisors will give you advice on your preferred units of study, and guide you through the enrolment process.

Our Study Abroad Internship program lets you develop familiarity with Australian workplace culture and apply your study to workplace situations. ARTS2600 is a unit of study that is open only to study abroad students and offers:  

  • 120 hours of industry placement
  • eight hours of professional development workshops
  • four hours of blackboard discussions
  • four reflective journals
  • one final project report.

To qualify, you need to meet all eligibility requirements. Contact your advisor to apply.