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Study overseas with student exchange

Make the world your campus

Study abroad and exchange is an opportunity to see the world and graduate with a global perspective. You’ll improve your communication and practical skills, build confidence and cross-cultural understanding.

One of Australia's largest global mobility programs

Whether you're looking to develop language skills, study at one of the world's top universities, live in a whole new city, or just travel to a new country on the weekend, there's a global experiences to suit you.

You can go on global experience for:

  • a year (on exchange)
  • a semester (on exchange)
  • the winter break (both exchange and non-exchange)
  • the summer break (both exchange and non-exchange)

How student exchange works

When you go on exchange, you 'swap places' with a student at one of our partner universities. This means you pay your usual tuition fees to the University of Sydney.

If you would like to study at university that isn't one of our partners, you may be able to complete a study abroad or non-exchange program. This means that you enrol and pay fees directly to that institution.

Both undergraduate and postgraduate students can go on exchange — undergraduate students can go anytime from Semester 2 in your first year.

You'll just need to check that it works with your degree — student exchange is open to most students, but not all. Some faculties have rules around what can be studied overseas, or when it's best to go. 

Financial support

Don’t let the cost of student exchange put you off applying — there's a range of financial support options that you may be eligible for. This includes Centrelink support, an Australian government loan scheme and several scholarship options.

Global Mobility Guide

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