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Shark collaborative research workshop

If your research involves sharks, you are invited to attend a shark collaborative research workshop, led by Dr Chris Pepin-Neff.

Does, or could, your research involve sharks?

If so, please come and share your work and ideas and explore some potential collaborative research opportunities in this upcoming workshop run by the Marine Science Institute.

Please note, this is a USyd staff and student only event. 

Marine Wildlife Conflicts in Australia 

At the intersections of shark science, marine biology, shark social science, and marine sociology  is human-shark interactions research. This workshop will look at recent data on public perceptions of sharks and policy responses in Australia - with data from recent incidents in Elizabeth Bay, South Australia, and Western Australia.

Dr. Chris Pepin-Neff’s research focuses on public attitude, media responses, and public policies related to sharks. Dr. Pepin-Neff is a member of the Sydney Environment Institute and a Senior Lecturer in public policy. 

 Event format

  • Dr. Pepin-Neff will provide a 20-minute talk on recent research and potential opportunities for future research
  • Short presentations from other researchers
  • An opportunity to discuss and establish research collaborations.
  • If you intend to join, please prepare up to 4 slides to present your work and opportunities you see for future collaborations.

RSVP to this event, by emailing SEI Program Manager Kirsten Jackson, Kirsten.jackson@sydney.edu.au

Learn more about Dr Pepin-Neff's SEI funded project on human-shark relations by clicking here.

This event is being run by colleagues at the Marine Studies Institute.


Header image: Haydn Pound via Unsplash.

Shark collaborative research workshop

Share your ideas and explore the potential of shark research.

Please note, this is a USyd staff and student only event. 

Wednesday 03 April 2024
12.00PM - 1.00PM
A02 Social Sciences Building, LT 200 lecture theatre, University of Sydney
RSVP via email

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