Visualising the invisible: image making in climate communication

Join researchers and image makers as they explore creative approaches to visualising the scientific and cultural dimensions of the climate crisis.

The climate crisis is here. But what does that mean? And how can we better communicate what that looks like, now and in the future?


Keynote — Visualising Liveable Futures: An illustrated conversation with Rebecca Huntley
Social researcher Dr Rebecca Huntley and Visual Communication scholar Dr Zoë Sadokierski discuss the importance of images in helping humans imagine themselves within climate affected—but still liveable—futures.

Image making and respectful representations of place
Dr Sarah Jane Jones leads a conversation with Jane Yettica from the FireSticks Alliance about the role of images and visualisation in place-based projects.

Collaborating with image makers to communicate science
Professor Dieter Hochuli leads a conversation showcasing examples of visual communication being used to encourage participation in citizen science projects and translate science to non-expert audiences, including Dr Jenny Newell talking about the Australian Museum's Future Now touring exhibition.

Storying Loss
Associate Professor Thom van Dooren leads a conversation with Dr Timo Rissanen and Dr Lucienne Rickard share their approaches on making biodiversity loss and extinction visible through creative practice. 

Speculative storytelling
Graphic novelist Dr Pat Grant leads a conversation with Megan Wong and Dr Zoë Sadokierski about the role of image makers in climate activism, and creating visual narratives that challenge the status quo.

Refreshments and networking
Following the symposium, you will be invited to gather in UTS Building 2 Foyer for refreshments and networking, with a showcase of projects projected on screen and live performances of creative research practice.

This event was held at the University of Technology Sydney on Friday 4 November 2022.

Header image: By Zoë Sadokierski.


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