30 November 2017

EJ Series, part 2: your place or mine? Environmental (in)justice in Myanmar and Australian activism

Johanna Garnett highlights the transnational environmental justice issues and consequences which stemmed from activism against the development of a gas hub at James Price Point, Western Australia. This blog is based on a paper presented by Johanna Garnett at the Environmental Justice 2017 Conference, University of Sydney, 6-8 November 2017.
29 November 2017

Great Barrier Reef stories, chapter 2: let’s talk about coral sex

The second chapter of Killian Quigley’s ‘Great Barrier Reef Stories’ explores how we respond to & narrate nonhuman sex. Killian considers how the rethinking of coral spawning discourse can lead us to view coral sex as important, compelling, precious, and as vulnerable as we ought to.
27 November 2017

Environmental justice handbook: capturing the breadth and diversity of environmental justice research

Gordon Walker, a co-editor of the recently released Environmental Justice Handbook provides an overview of how the Handbook sets out to critically assess the current state of EJ and set an agenda for the future.
23 November 2017

EJ Series part 1: post-hegemonic futures: decolonising intergenerational environmental justice

This blog is based on a paper presented by Christine Winter at the Environmental Justice 2017 Conference, Sydney University, 6-8 November 2017.
15 November 2017

Implicatory denial: the sociology of climate inaction

Exploring how and why people who believe in climate change choose to ignore it, and how people can be empowered to take climate action.