Sydney Environment Institute supports a ‘Yes’ vote on the Voice to Parliament

Sydney Environment Institute supports the Voice to Parliament

1 September 2023
The Sydney Environment Institute supports a ‘Yes’ vote on the Voice to Parliament to expand engagement and inclusion on environmental decision-making.

The Sydney Environment Institute is dedicated to transforming the way that Australia thinks and acts on issues of environment, climate, and sustainability.

Absolutely essential to achieving this is learning from the tens of thousands of years of experience Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have had with environments and change on this continent.

As we know, the knowledges, experiences, and histories of such communities have long been ignored in environmental decision-making, which has led to a loss of heritage and the decimation of air, water, lands, and species. 

This is why the Sydney Environment Institute executive team unanimously supports representation of First Nations people, and voting 'Yes' in the referendum for a dedicated Voice on all issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities including those around threatened environments and well-being.

Our support for voting ‘Yes’ is grounded in our dedication to substantive change before, during, and after this referendum.

While we recognise differing opinions and encourage free and open debate, the leadership of the Sydney Environment Institute is proud to support the Voice to Parliament. 

Together we can build a future where First Nations people are respected, listened to, and valued as the oldest living culture in the world.

The Sydney Environment Institute looks forward to continuing to engage with the experiences and voices of First Nations people, both on current environmental impacts and on longstanding knowledges of place, to improve environmental policy and practice for the better.

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