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Monk in a temple, Southeast Asia

On the ground in Southeast Asia

Working collaboratively across disciplines to address the region's challenges Find out how
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Sydney Southeast Asia Centre

Supporting research, education and partnerships in Southeast Asia
The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre builds on the expertise of and facilitates collaborations between over 400 University of Sydney academics who specialise in Southeast Asia.

Australia and Southeast Asia: it’s a marriage some may have taken for granted, but we haven’t. At the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre, we put our researchers into fields, classrooms and labs across the region to do real work.

From business to education, health, law, and veterinary science, we’re making sure Australia and the region develop together to face the challenges of the 21st century. Our innovative approach reflects Southeast Asia’s rich diversity and growing importance in the world’s geopolitical landscape.

We foster partnerships and collaboration between researchers and practitioners working on critical real-world Southeast Asia issues, such as economic and social reform, infectious diseases and the environment.

Our work makes a real difference by informing decisions in government, industry and the wider community.


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Film Screening: Autobiography

Autobiography: an important film about the effects of dictatorship on Indonesia and people, the desire to conform, and what it means to be loyal.

Indonesia Council Open Conference 2023

The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre at the University of Sydney and Humanitarian and Development Studies at Western Sydney University are proud to host the Indonesia Council Open Conference 2023.

6th Conference on Human Rights

The 6th Conference on Human Rights provides a platform for academics, human rights activists and practitioners to explore current human rights issues in Southeast Asia and beyond.

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Facts & figures

Southeast Asia in focus

  • 680 million people in 11 culturally diverse countries
  • 8% of the world’s population on Australia’s doorstep
  • 5th largest economic powerhouse in the world
  • US$3.3 trillion Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Gross Domestic Product