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Support for students interested in Southeast Asia

We can help you incorporate Southeast Asia into your degree and assist you in studying abroad.

The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre works with faculties, departments and supervisors to support University of Sydney undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in Southeast Asia.

For undergraduates

We are creating new pathways for undergraduate students to study in Southeast Asia by consolidating more than 30 units of study into a new Unit of Study, Understanding Southeast Asia

For postgraduates 

We support structured research training through our postgraduate research program, providing specialist assistance for research students working on cases related to Southeast Asia.

Our staff and members are also working with the convenors of several relevant master’s by coursework programs to expand and deepen their Southeast Asia content.

Online Learning Environment

We have designed the OLE unit 'Approaches to Cross-Cultural Fieldwork in Southeast Asia' (2019_ARTS_OLEO5129). This course is specifically designed for research students who will be undertaking field-based research in Southeast Asia for the first time. However, the course is open to anybody with an interest in field work, and we welcome participants from across the University.

In this course, we discuss some of the fundamental considerations that you should be making before you undertake field work. As with any project, having a good understanding of the underlying issues, processes and potential problems will help you to plan your field work project to maximise your time at your site(s). Given that every project will have deadlines, it’s important that you take the time to both plan ahead and consider the risks of your project. This will ensure that your project is not derailed by occurrences that could have been avoided or mitigated if you’d only thought about them before you left.

Photo credit: Bojan Bozic