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Unit of study_

ACCT6010: Financial Reporting for Business Groups

Advanced issues related to financial accounting for corporate investments in subsidiaries, associates and joint arrangements are relevant to both public listed companies as well as private entities. In this unit of study, students gain a detailed understanding of topics that include: group accounting issues, such as the practical application of the control test; accounting for business combinations, non-controlling interests; intra-group transactions, foreign currency translation; consolidated cash flow reporting; segment reporting; accounting for joint arrangements and associates. A case study approach draws on examples from current corporate financial reporting to illustrate appropriate technical solutions in accordance with international accounting standards and guidelines (International Financial Reporting Standards), as well as the forces that determine the choice of methods. The unit also provides students with an awareness of relevant research to understand both current debates and accounting choices. Students will develop the ability to read and analyse financial reports of corporate groups and to understand the financial reporting implications of management decisions relating to internal reporting and organisational structure.

Code ACCT6010
Academic unit Accounting
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. prepare consolidated financial statements
  • LO2. evaluate alternative solutions to financial reporting problems relating to groups
  • LO3. choose between financial reporting alternatives in an informed manner
  • LO4. communicate the results from the analysis of accounting issues effectively.