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Unit of study_

AVBS1003: Animals and Us

We live in a world surrounded by and dependent on animals. Australia has one of the highest rates of animal ownership in the world: dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and reptiles being common. In this unit, you explore animals in society (including companion, pocket and pet, wildlife and zoo animals). You will investigate relationships between humans and animals and normal function of animals including development, disease, aging and death. This unit will describe how human and animal health are related, outline legislation and policies on the care and use of animals, cover topical issues in animal welfare and ethics, provide opportunities for students to observe animal behaviours and discuss how cultural backgrounds influence our relationships with animals. You will visit captive and clinical animal facilities where animals are displayed for conservation, curiosity, aesthetics and research. Practicals and workshops will provide students with skills in critical thinking, communication, information/digital literacy and an evidence informed basis on which to make decisions. This unit is for students who are interested in a professional career working with animals, such as those in the AVBS stream and BVB/DVM program or who generally seek an understanding of how animals enrich our lives.

Code AVBS1003
Academic unit Life and Environmental Sciences Academic Operations
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Describe and give examples of how human and animal health are related
  • LO2. Describe and give examples of how human-animal interactions are culturally influenced
  • LO3. Analyse and evaluate research in the field of animal research
  • LO4. Make informed decisions based on evidence to ensure the welfare and management of animals
  • LO5. Describe the legislation and principles for the care and use of animals
  • LO6. Independently analyse data and articulate the meaning in the results
  • LO7. Communicate confidently both orally and in writing
  • LO8. Work in a team with people from diverse backgrounds with inclusiveness, open mindedness, honesty and diligence