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Unit of study_

BUSS5221: Creative and Analytic Mindset

The 'creative' half of this unit gives students the tools and confidence to come up with something new; to be able to look at a problem in a new way and find innovative solutions and novel alternatives. Students do this at both an individual and team level as well as recognize how organisations can be more creative. The 'analytic' component of this unit is concerned with getting students to be more comfortable with numbers and ways to analyse data. The unit focuses on the application of analytic methods and thinking, rather than theoretical concepts of statistics and mathematics. Although students are introduced to the basic concepts of statistical testing in a very applied way, the focus is on understanding an analytical mindset to critically appreciate the assumptions and limitations of data and analysis techniques.

Code BUSS5221
Academic unit Business School
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Use critical and creative thinking to reframe business problems and apply analytical insights to identify different solutions
  • LO2. Analyse enablers and barriers to individual and team creativity in innovative companies
  • LO3. Experiment with different tools and techniques to stimulate creative thinking in problem-solving
  • LO4. Evaluate, discriminate and utilize different types and sources of data, appreciating the differences in discipline perspectives