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Unit of study_

ECON6002: Macroeconomics Analysis 1

This unit is aimed at providing students with a sound and comprehensive knowledge of modern macroeconomic theory, an ability to formulate and solve problems analytically, and a general appreciation of how policymakers can use the analysis in practice. Topics covered include (i) micro-foundations of macroeconomics, focusing on consumption, investment, money demand, and credit rationing; (ii) equilibrium macroeconomics, focusing on the conventional prototype as well as on recent stochastic macroeconomic models; and (iii) dis-equilibrium macroeconomics, concepts, issues, and models.

Code ECON6002
Academic unit Economics
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Demonstrate knowledge of and ability to use the main models in macroeconomics for understanding long-run growth, business cycles, consumption, investment, and unemployment
  • LO2. Analyse dynamic macroeconomic models for their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how they relate to each other
  • LO3. Apply models to examine ongoing changes in the world economy and to evaluate and think critically about policy initiatives designed to address macroeconomic challenges in society
  • LO4. Analyse monetary and fiscal policy decisions based on models and empirical evidence
  • LO5. Demonstrate ability to read and reflect upon academic papers to keep abreast of recent developments in macroeconomic literature