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ECON6600: Economics Capstone

This unit serves as the capstone unit for the Economics specialisation. While economics is strongly influenced by theory, it is ultimately an applied field. It encourages students to bring together their knowledge in economics and methodological skills to analyse a real-world economic problem with implications for business. The unit involves the completion and presentation of a professional report with an emphasis on students acquiring skills to identify an economic problem; undertake some economic analysis and communicate the results.

Code ECON6600
Academic unit Economics
Credit points 6
18 credit points towards the Economics specialisation including (ECON5040 and ECON5002)
6 credit points towards the Economics specialisation

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Analyse and solve economic challenges relevant to business by applying fundamental concepts and principles from economics.
  • LO2. Evaluate empirical data to test hypotheses and assess implications for various business contexts.
  • LO3. Analyse complex and authentic economic problems by using analytical tools, models, quantitative and/or qualitative methods and considering ethical dimensions where relevant.
  • LO4. Critically evaluate and synthesise original information from diverse sources including academic research and public and private sector reports.
  • LO5. Integrate perspectives from diverse cultural backgrounds as well as perspectives and practice from other business disciplines.
  • LO6. Communicate professionally and effectively by constructing coherent, succinct and persuasive arguments and recommendations, preparing effective presentation materials, and applying academic writing skills.