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Unit of study_

FINC6015: Trading in Modern Financial Markets

This unit introduces students to the core concepts of fundamental market design and structure, focussing on the processes that turn orders into trades in securities markets, and the forces that mould and effect order flow and execution. The unit provides insights into how the study of securities market microstructure can improve our understanding of today's global financial markets in order to: (a) facilitate better financing and investment decisions; (b) understand when, where and how to transact in financial instruments; and (c) make better use of the ever increasing flow of market information. An improved understanding of today's diverse financial markets allows for successful trading strategies to be developed in different instruments and across many markets, today and in the future.

Code FINC6015
Academic unit Finance
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. apply theory from financial economics to better understand today's global financial markets
  • LO2. identify relevant market information that will help to make investment and trading decisions
  • LO3. decide when, where and how to transact in financial instruments; and how to use the ever increasing flow of market information to improve the accuracy of these trading decisions
  • LO4. communicate trading problems and possible solutions
  • LO5. program and operate computer based algorithmic programs for executing trades in securities markets