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Unit of study_

IBUS3104: Ethical International Business Decisions

In order to succeed in international business, both corporations and individuals need broad decision-making abilities. Business decision-making tools yield more coherent and justifiable results when used with an understanding of the ethical, social and environmental aspects of the process. This applies to various situations in the international business setting including business relations with government, customers, employees, and NGOs. This unit is designed to look at these non-financial elements in the decisions made within the international business context. Following the completion of this unit, students will have enhanced skills and knowledge relevant to the understanding of ethical issues and ethical decisions making in international business organizations.

Code IBUS3104
Academic unit International Business
Credit points 6
Completion of at least 48 credit points

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. identify ethical dilemmas in strategic decision making in complex international business systems
  • LO2. effectively use a broad range of analytical, critical, creative and ethical thinking skills to make decisions when confronted with ethical dilemmas and theorise towards reasoned solutions to ethical questions in international business settings
  • LO3. theorise towards reasoned solutions to ethical questions in international business settings
  • LO4. clearly communicate ethical reasoning and decision-making both orally and in writing to a to a cross-cultural audience at a professional standard
  • LO5. constructively discuss ethical dilemmas with people from diverse backgrounds demonstrating inclusiveness, open-mindedness and integrity
  • LO6. work collaboratively within small teams and manage the dynamics within these teams.