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IBUS6022: Business and Management in India

India has gained prominence in the last two decades and largely viewed as second to China in the development race. While India has significantly liberalised its economy, it remains a difficult market to successfully penetrate and offers unique challenges and opportunities. This unit focuses on achieving a comprehensive understanding of India as a significant global actor and unravels the complexities of the market it represents. Particular emphasis is given to India's institutional environment that epitomises the market conditions for local and international business to succeed in India as well as enhance their global competitiveness. Furthermore, this unit focuses on individual and firm level attributes that are necessary to survive and prosper in the Indian marketplace. How Indian businesses are globalising their operations on the basis of unique competencies is also discussed.

Code IBUS6022
Academic unit International Business
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. apply theoretical concepts of international business to issues faced by companies operating in India
  • LO2. identify opportunities and challenges for companies in India
  • LO3. demonstrate an appreciation of the unique institutional and cultural environment of India
  • LO4. design market entry strategies for India
  • LO5. apply to Indian companies the benefits and problems of internationalisation.

Unit outlines

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