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Unit of study_

INFS6023: Data Visualisation For Managers

Data visualisation, storytelling, and scenario development are prominent analytical practices that are increasingly used by professionals seeking to use data for decision making. This unit aims to equip students with necessary knowledge and data visualisation skills, acquired through real-world projects and applications inspired by leading industry practices. Students develop a holistic view of data visualisation and acquire knowledge of related tools to deal with organisational and societal challenges. This unit focuses on business/organisational decision makers and their use of data visualisation. As such this unit does not require any prior IT, computer science or data science experience.

Code INFS6023
Academic unit Business Information Systems
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Apply fundamental concepts of data visualisation to analyse and present data-related challenges in organisational and societal settings.
  • LO2. Identify and analyse multi-disciplinary issues and ethical challenges associated with the use of data visualisation techniques.
  • LO3. Explain principles and best practices of data visualisation as it applies to current and emerging industry trends.
  • LO4. Design and develop data visualisations based on real world datasets.
  • LO5. Recommend and evaluate data visualisation solutions and present outcomes orally and verbally.