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Unit of study_

MKTG6016: Brand Management

The most important intangible asset of any business is its brand. The company's name, symbols and slogans along with their underlying associations, perceived quality, name awareness, customer base and related proprietary resources form the basis for brand equity. Most new brands that are introduced, fail because of the lack of proper market research and analysis about positioning. The core of successfully establishing a brand lies in accurate positioning strategies. This unit helps students understand the concept of brand equity and the management of brand assets by learning to strategically create, position, develop and protect brand equity.

Code MKTG6016
Academic unit Marketing
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. apply the theoretical concepts of branding strategies to managing brand in a range of business and cultural contexts
  • LO2. analyse and diagnose business issues facing organisations in terms of specific brands and develop strategies to manage, consolidate and increase market share of the specific brand within the category
  • LO3. utilise various methodologies, processes and tools and undertake a brand audit, critically addressing market issues in the development of key recommendations and present these findings in a clear and concise manner.