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Unit of study_

MUSC1504: Fundamentals of Music 2

A more advanced exploration of music literacy skills than MUSC1503. The material covered in this unit of study ranges from the broad to the specific: from an examination of musical elements and the way they are used in a variety of musical genres through to specific compositional aspects such as four-part writing. Analysis and compositional craft regarding melody, harmony and rhythm in classical and contemporary popular music are a central focus of this unit of study. Critical listening skills are developed in this unit of study.

Code MUSC1504
Academic unit Arts Music
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. understand the workings of harmonic vocabulary in western common practice music
  • LO2. possess a foundational understanding of the harmonic, rhythmic, metric and structural functions of classical and contemporary popular music
  • LO3. begin to analyse and assess compositional techniques and approaches in existing compositions, and make use of such techniques and approaches in your own work
  • LO4. present score-based music to an adequate standard using computer music notation software and/or handwriting
  • LO5. relate music listening to score-based musical communication
  • LO6. have improved aural skills including rhythm and melodic dictation, sight-singing, conducting and interval/triad recognition and reproduction.