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PHTY4223: Clinical Practicum E

The purpose of Clinical Practicum E is to enhance students' perspectives on the role and scope of physiotherapy practice within health more broadly. It is not intended to develop or reinforce hands-on physiotherapy skills but to develop project management and service analysis and improvement skills. Students will be allocated to a community organisation or health service (in groups) to undertake an organisation specific Quality Improvement Project which aims to develop evidence-based solutions to real-life service delivery problems. Students will undertake both independent and group learning and will work collaboratively with an allocated community organisation or health service, and a designated academic to develop and then fulfil an agreed Project Plan. Clinical Practicum E aims to assist students in developing University of Sydney graduate qualities to promote work readiness (e.g., communication, cultural competence, Inventiveness, information and digital literacy and influence).

Code PHTY4223
Academic unit Movement Sciences
Credit points 6
PHTY3083 or PHTY3085

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Demonstrate an understanding of quality improvement (QI) and its role in improving service delivery and patient outcomes
  • LO2. Develop and display University of Sydney Graduate Qualities
  • LO3. Demonstrate an understanding of the benefits and barriers to group work (and their relevance to future practice)
  • LO4. Deeply reflect on and appraise aspects of the project process and the development of Graduate Qualities