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Unit of study_

PHYS3915: Topics in Senior Physics A (Advanced)

This unit of study covers the same topics as PHYS3015, with some more challenging material.

Code PHYS3915
Academic unit Physics Academic Operations
Credit points 6
[An average mark of 70 or above in (PHYS2011 or PHYS2911 or PHYS2921) AND (PHYS2012 or PHYS2912 or PHYS2922)]
Assumed knowledge:
6 credit points of Intermediate Mathematics

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate an understanding of key concepts in several areas of physics
  • LO2. apply these concepts to develop models, and to solve qualitative and quantitative problems in scientific contexts, using appropriate mathematical and computing techniques as necessary
  • LO3. design computer programs to solve physical problems
  • LO4. compare and critique experimental approaches and different approaches to numerically solving physical problems
  • LO5. design, carry out and analyse experiments to measure specific effects
  • LO6. communicate scientific information appropriately, through written work
  • LO7. analyse a physical problems in physics and develop a formalism appropriate for solving them
  • LO8. demonstrate a sense of responsibility, ethical behaviour, and independence as a learner and as a scientist.