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Unit of study_

PSYC4724: Coaching Practice

Students will consolidate the theory and skills acquired in PSYC4721 and PSYC4722 through a semester-long coaching practicum. Using real-life issues in a supportive and confidential environment, students will coach each other in a structured solution-focused personal coaching program based on the material taught in previous units of study. This unit gives students experience in being both a coach and a client. A key component of this course will be feedback from the lecturer on students' coaching styles, skills and other relevant issues. As such this unit provides students with the opportunity to embed and develop their coaching skills. Structured relections, video taped coaching sessions and case presentations will form part of the unit. A lecture series on advanced topics in coaching practice, including psychodynamics, personality, supervision and case conceptualisation form part of this unit of study.

Code PSYC4724
Academic unit Psychology Academic Operations
Credit points 6
PSYC4721 and PSYC4722

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. develop understanding and competency in coaching practice and its microskills
  • LO2. develop understanding and competency in case conceptualisation
  • LO3. understand personality styles and disorders and appropriate coaching responses
  • LO4. to understand the theory and application of defence mechanisms, transference and counter-transference in coaching
  • LO5. To understand and explore the application of supervision theories in coaching
  • LO6. To develop reflective practice skill with respect to one's own coaching practice