Sponsorship and visa obligations

Must-read information for staff, family and employers
There are a number of important requirements that visa holders, their family members and employers must meet to comply with federal government regulations. These requirements are summarised below.

Obligations for visa holders, family members and employers

Please refer to the Home Affairs webpage for full details.

Key obligations

Notify the Immigration and Relocation Team in a timely manner to ensure that the Department of Home Affairs is notified within 28 calendar days when certain events occur or about to occur regarding the sponsored 482 visa holder, such as:

  • non-commencement of employment within 90 days upon entry into Australia (immediately)
  • cessation of employment (within 10 working days)
  • changes in duties or work activities, including hours or reduction in salary (at least three weeks prior to the event occurring, to seek approval from the Department of Home Affairs)
  • payment by the University of the return travel costs of a sponsored visa holder or any of their family members, in accordance with the obligation to pay return travel costs (immediately).


Visa costs

Cost associated with the sponsorship and nomination of the 482 visas, including the Skilling Australians Fund (SAF), cannot be passed on to the staff member and will be the hiring area’s cost.

Important note: the staff member will be responsible for their personal visa application cost unless relocation support is provided, which includes visa support.

Travel costs to return to country of residence
If requested in writing either by the sponsored visa holder or the Department of Home Affairs,  the hiring area must, within 30 days, arrange or pay economy class air travel, or the reasonable equivalent, to the sponsored visa holder and their accompanying family members to return them to their country of passport.

Pay costs to locate and remove an unlawful non-citizen
If the sponsored visa holder or their family become unlawful, ie, they no longer hold a valid Australian visa, as a visa sponsor the cost of relocating and removing them from Australia may be transferred to the hiring area. 

While you hold a primary Subclass 482 visa, you are subject to Condition 8607: Approved Work Only, which means that you must:

  • only work in the occupation for which your visa was approved. To work in a different occupation, you must apply for and be granted a new TSS visa
  • only work only for the University of Sydney and you cannot undertake secondary work or work for yourself, including work as a contractor
  • commence work within 90 days of arriving in Australia (or if already in Australia, within 90 days of the granting of your visa)
  • not engage in work that is inconsistent with the licence, registration or membership and comply with any conditions or requirements to which that licence, registration or membership is subject; and
  • after ceasing employment, within 60 days (or 90 days if your sponsored temporary work visa was granted before 19 November 2016) or before your 457 or TSS visa expires, whichever is the earliest, make arrangements to: a) to depart Australia, b) be nominated by another sponsor to transfer the visa sponsorship, or c) apply for another visa to remain in Australia.

Your secondary sponsored family members are not subject to condition 8607, which means that they can work or study unrestricted in Australia.

Condition 8501: Maintain health insurance
You and your dependent family members must maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance for the duration of your stay in Australia. Passport holders from eligible countries may apply for Medicare, which is considered adequate health insurance.