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Digifarm robot


DigiFarm will lead the way to help farmers get the best out of their soils for the growth of food and fibre
DigiFarm will develop its education platform for stakeholders including farmers, agribusiness, and schools to experience the latest ag-innovation thinking relating to soil health, robotics and digital agriculture, cropping and livestock systems.

Investment over the past century by the University of Sydney is culminating in an integrated approach to its farming education and research activities.

DigiFarm is an important stage in this activity, bringing together the community, farmers and environmental stakeholders.

We aim to develop a digitally enabled network which will simultaneously monitor crop and animal production (including native flora and fauna), and soil and ecosystem health.

The network will enable the triple bottom line framework of social, environmental and financial accounting to optimally manage a production ecosystem.

Building on current investments in Narrabri, we shall build a physical and virtual DigiFarm hub and satellite farm network for north-west NSW providing digital dashboards of ‘health, production and social’ metrics.

We will create an education platform at Narrabri for farmers, agribusiness, schools, environmental stakeholders to experience the latest ag-innovation thinking.


The National Landcare Program aims to reinvigorate the agricultural sector as well as look at sustainability in managing one of Australia’s key resources – its land.


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