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A small exhibition

Transformation of local places and spaces

'A small exhibition' provides an answer to the deceptively simple question; how could we live better? 

Date: Thursday 10 August – Friday 15 September 2017
Opening event: Thursday 10 August, 6pm

Curated by panovscott Architects, A small exhibition is the gathering of 20 projects made in the last few years by local architecture practices, or by practices working locally, at a small scale. Each project is residential in nature and comes about as a result of the transformation of an existing space, or place. In each instance the result has been a radical increase in the amenity enjoyed by the inhabitants within a tiny footprint, literally, environmentally and economically.

For us these projects provide an answer to the deceptively simple question; how could we live better?

Contributors include: Nicholas Gurney, Anthony Gill, Retallack Thompson, Ian Moore, Takt, Stephen Collier, Alexander Symes, Archer Office, Silvester Fuller, panovscott, Trias, Drew Heath, Durbach Block Jaggers, Breathe Architecture, Casey Brown, Architect Prineas, Welsh Major, Peter Stutchbury, Tribe Studio and Brad Swartz.


Tin Sheds Gallery

  • 148 City Road, Darlington Sydney, NSW
Opening hours
Tuesday - Friday 11am – 5pm
Saturday 10am – 1pm