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13 May 2024

Urban Expansion Widens Wealth Gap

Research from the School of Architecture, Design and Planning finds widening economic inequality either side of the "latte line" - the invisible boundary that divides Sydney between the more affluent north-east and the south-west. Capital cities in Australia are becoming more segregated along socioeconomic lines.
06 May 2024

Sound solutions: Harnessing architecture for better speech environments

Researchers at the University of Sydney’s School of Architecture, Design, and Planning have been pioneering the development of acoustically retroreflective surfaces, which redirect sound back to its source. Retroreflectors have familiar applications in optics, such and bicycle reflectors and road signs, but their application in acoustics remains uncommon. Their work aims to explore how to optimise the design of these surfaces for sound and explore their practical applications in improving speech clarity within rooms.
17 April 2024

From Sydney to Harvard and back: John Andrews exhibition at Tin Sheds Gallery

Following an exhibition at Harvard‘s Graduate School of Design, this showcase of a globally influential Australian architect is currently on show in Sydney.
26 March 2024

Atelier Bow-Wow named 2024 Rothwell Chair

Acclaimed Japanese architects from studio Atelier Bow-Wow have been announced as the 2024 Garry and Susan Rothwell Chairs in Architectural Design Leadership at the University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning.
15 March 2024

Sydney students win big at 2024 NSW Student Architecture Awards

Students from the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning achieved a near sweep at this year's AIA NSW Student Architecture Awards. With four wins and a commendation, our students were well represented thanks to their incredible work and the support of our dedicated teaching staff.
11 March 2024

Bigger home designs wipe out energy efficiency

New Australian homes are being designed bigger and so require more energy for heating and cooling, wiping out potential gains in energy efficiency, according to new research co-authored by Associate Professor Emma Heffernan from the School of Architecture, Design and Planning.
01 March 2024

Urban heat experts announced as 2024 Horizon Fellows

Three built environment academics have been appointed as Horizon Fellows for 2024, joining a cohort of 40 talented researchers. Designed to nurture early and mid-career research talent, the Sydney Horizon Fellowship Scheme supports academics to unlock solutions to the complex problems of climate change, health and sustainability.
28 February 2024

Sydney attracts top research talent with innovative Fellowships

Unprecedented investment in appointment of 40 research fellows across a range of disciplines.
28 November 2023

Architecture as a tool for social and environmental change in regional Australia

Three studio projects at the University of Sydney’s School of Architecture, Design and Planning are teaching our students the role of architecture in addressing cultural, environmental, and social issues in regional Australia.
23 November 2023

"Know Your Landlord"

Urbanism researchers at the School of Architecture, Design and Planning have launched a creative project, "Know Your Landlord", an operational website that aims to empower renters by showing a potential future where they could have more control in the rental process.