08 December 2022

The push and pull affecting population growth

Why are Australian residents moving from cities to regional areas or vice versa? What are viable solutions for councils? How can they respond to population growth and population changes? A new study into three regional areas led by researchers from the School of Architecture, Design and Planning hopes to answer these questions.
15 November 2022

Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning declares climate emergency

 The Board of The University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning has voted unanimously to declare a climate emergency.

15 November 2022

This new ‘risky’ playground is a work of art

Senior Lecturer Dr Sanne Mestrom, from the Sydney College of the Arts, explores the work of artist Mike Hewson, who has created a 'risky' new children's playground in Melbourne's Southbank.
08 November 2022

Master of Architecture student named Good Design Award winner

After winning one of the country’s most prestigious design awards, Master of Architecture candidate Carmelo Nastasi has cemented his as a name to watch in Australian architecture.
31 October 2022

Beyond roads, rates and rubbish: Global study asks how cities can be improved

A team of leading urban scholars are gathering lessons from around the world that can help Australian cities navigate the 'perfect storm' of uncertain post-COVID recovery, pressing demands for climate adaptation and growing inequality among residents.
13 October 2022

Stimulating private sector development of affordable housing

No single sector can supply Australia's needed social and affordable housing, increasingly it needs to be financed, developed and managed by partnerships of government, community-based and market providers, according to new research led by Sydney's School of Architecture, Design and Planning.
05 October 2022

SHE Robots

Women are rethinking how they can participate in a traditionally male-dominated area and how to integrate robots into traditional feminine practices. Ongoing research and a new exhibition led by academics from the School of Architecture, Design and Planning reveal how women are radically reshaping robotics.
09 September 2022

Barangaroo is a masterclass in planning as deal-making

Professor Dallas Rogers and Associate Professor Cameron Logan from the School of Architecture, Design and Planning examine how the redevelopment of the Barangaroo precinct on Sydney Harbour is a "world-leading example of unsolicited urbanism".
31 August 2022

What will future cities and regions look like?

Cities and regions are at a precipice. Leading researchers, practitioners, community advocates and industry heads come together in this year's Festival of 'Future' Urbanism to debate the threats and opportunities facing our cities and regional areas through live and online events, podcasts and films.
16 August 2022

How can we rethink our cities so children can get around safely?

Rebecca Clements from the School of Architecture, Design and Planning explores the contrasts between Japan and Australia when it comes to letting children travel safely around their neighbourhoods on their own.