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ADR18 Exhibition

Research in Design as part of the Inaugural ADR18 Conference
ADR18, featured a total of 21 exhibitors from major institutions and practices of architecture and design from around the world, presenting design research from a wide variety of built environment fields including: architecture, landscape, interior and urban environments.

Curated through open call and double-blind review, ADR18 had the aim of presenting design research from a wide variety of built environment fields including: architecture, landscape, interior and urban environments; as well as illustrating a spectrum of mediums used and motivations for the research to be carried out. Despite this broad curatorial approach, a unifying theme of the exhibition can be seen though a consideration of the way processes of ‘making’ become tools through which design research can be conducted. This produces an array of physical manifestations in the form of objects, drawings, models, video, sound work, installation and performance. These artefacts in turn function as bearers of design research knowledge,1 positioning research through design as an agent of critical inquiry into the built environment.

While many of the works have shared mediums and approaches to ‘making’, their motivations for carrying out the research are multivalent, and have been loosely categorised into three sections. The first are design research projects that critically evaluate the discipline of design: in relation to politics, by creating performative places or shifting engagement with modes of representation. The second are design research projects that focus on advancing digital fabrication and form-making. The third are the creation of design works that are concerned with environmental issues, urban densification and modes of living.

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Curated by Sarah Breen Lovett, Rachel Couper & Ivana Kuzmanovska.
Exhibition design by Ivana Kuzmanovska.
ADR18 convened by Professor Mathew Aitchison & Sarah Breen Lovett


  • Robert Cameron and Andrei Smolik (UWA & Curtin University [FIHSIHKAHLVRRCHUWAHL<>] Conceptual Film
  • Francois Blanciak (University of Sydney) Towards a Leaking Roof: An Experimental Water- Catching Building Design in Hokkaido, Japan
  • Campbell Drake (University of Technology Sydney) Performance and Discipline in Architecture: The Accumulation of Cyclical Operations in Critical Spatial Practice.
  • Shayani Fernando (University of Sydney) The Culture of Crafting: Exploring the relationship between the Hand and the Machine in Digital Stone
  • Bana Hankin, Jorge Valiente, Gonzalo Valiente, Amaia Sanchez- Velasco, Miguel Rodriguez Casellas (University of Technology Sydney, GRANDEZA, TOMA) Revel After The Curfew
  • Leandro Cappetto, Miguel Urs Bette (University of Adeliade, Urs Bette : Design) Unreasonable Creatures
  • Rachel Hurst (University of South Australia) Megalomaniacal plans: exploiting time and transparency
  • Roger Kemp, Anthony Fryatt and Katie Collins (RMIT) Two Way Hinged
  • Chuan Khoo (RMIT) Finding Byaduk: thinking objects as prototypes of affective telepresence with digital data
  • Michael Jasper (University of Canberra) Diagonal Works
  • Markus Jung and Maud Cassaignau (Monash University) The Melbourne Section: A context specific design- research applied across a strategic metropolitan territory
  • Sam Kebbell, Cam Wilson, Riley Adams-Winch (Victoria University of Wellington) All Along the Watchtower: Attitudes to Nature in a Coastal Visitor Centre
  • Paul Loh and David Leggett (University of Melbourne) Machining Aesthetics: Tool Making as Design Research
  • Ainslie Murray (UNSW) Everyday life
  • Phorm architecture + design with Silvia Micheli and Antony Moulis (Phorm architecture + design University of Queensland) Building the New Density: One Room Tower
  • Dagmar Reinhardt, Ninotschka Titchkosky, Dylan Wozniak- OConnor, Rod Watt, Chris Bickerton, Densil Cabrera, Christhina Candido (University of Sydney, BVN) A Robotically Woven Ceiling Structure
  • Francois Roche (New-Territories) “The dance of the death’’ / digital morbidity / my anomaly _ BKK
  • Tim Schork, Paul Nicholas and Dane Voorderhake (University of Technology Sydney, KADK)  Multi-Scalar Modelling And Robotic Fabrication Of Freeform Lightweight Copper Façades
  • David Tapias Monne (University of Sydney) Full-scale Minipod mock-up
  • Daniel Tish, Tim Schork and Tran Tuan Anh Dang (University of Technology Sydney) Transient Geometries: Computational Design and Robotic 3D Printing of Functionally Graded Dynamic Meshes
  • Simon Weir, Dylan Wozniak- O'Connor, Rodney Watt and Rin Masuda (University of Sydney) Exquisite Corpse Vault