Hugh Gaukroger did a virtual reality internship at PwC, which has resulted in full-time employment


Benefit from sharing in the development of our future leaders
By partnering with us, you can provide real-world experience and mentorship, while benefiting from the fresh and dynamic approach that students can bring to your organisation.

Internships and professional experience

Through our internship program, we offer your organisation the opportunity to host undergraduate and postgraduate students across architecture, design and planning. Each internship is designed to be as beneficial as possible for both the student and host organisation.

Benefits for hosts

  • Connect with the University
    Your organisation gets a chance to connect with students and academics. This can lead to further partnerships such as research and professional development.
  • Reputation building
    Partnering with the University of Sydney raises your company’s profile, and creates visibility for your organisation within the University and the wider community.
  • Partner for innovative solutions
    Internships provide the opportunity for employers to engage with students who are learning the latest research and technological practices. Students can bring a fresh and dynamic approach to tasks and projects. 
  • Engage with the next generation of built and virtual environment practitioners
    Your experience is invaluable. By sharing your expertise and knowledge, you'll develop your mentorship skills and make a positive impact on the next generation of professionals.

Benefits for students

  • Learning into practice
    Internships provide valuable opportunities for students to use their skills in a practical workplace setting. Students are able to enhance their studies by integrating course theory with current best practice.
  • Connect with industry
    The practical skills and professional connections students make throughout their placement will enhance their future employability.

More information

To find out more about opportunities in education, including internships, curriculum contribution, tutoring and guest critiquing, contact us.