05 October 2018

5 reasons to study Design Computing

Are you a talented individual seeking a career in user-experience design or interaction design? Do you want to use technology creatively for design and commercial purposes? Our Design Computing degree at Sydney could be the perfect choice for you.
05 October 2018

Conserving O’Connell’s Earth Building Heritage

Master of Heritage Conservation students travel to O’Connell to investigate a group of earth buildings.
28 September 2018

How does architecture impact our lives?

To celebrate World Architecture Day, Senior Lecturer Michael Muir and a group of our students told us about their favourite buildings, design heroes and what architecture means to them.
26 September 2018

A week in Tokyo: Urban life inspires new architectures

Second year architecture double degree students (Bachelor of Design in Architecture (Honours)/Master of Architecture) recently spent 5 days in Tokyo, soaking up the architectural charms and fast-paced life of the bustling city.
25 September 2018

Old and modern architecture the focus of building conservation

In a time of dramatic change, conserving precious architecture, objects and places becomes even more important. But alumna, Susan Macdonald, knows it takes more than good intentions - it takes detective work and new thinking.
25 September 2018

Planning controls not keeping pace with online holiday rentals

Australia needs new planning tools to manage the rapid growth in listings on Airbnb and other online holiday rental platforms, according to a new study by researchers at The University of Sydney.
18 September 2018

Become a Strategic Leader with the Master of Design

Develop your skills in design-led innovation, strategic design and lead by design in challenging environments and global economies.
04 September 2018

Sydney to host inaugural Annual Design Research Conference

Showcasing design research in built environment fields including architecture, landscape, interior, and urban design, the Annual Design Research Conference (ADR18) will include two days of talks, keynote speakers and an exhibition
03 September 2018

Sydney students awarded 2019 MADE by the Opera House scholarships

Architecture and engineering students Nicholas Bucci, Billie-Grace Dunk and Josephine Nicholas are 2019 finalists of the international tertiary exchange program.
24 August 2018

The Game of Homes: will the housing crisis ever end?

Ahead of his appearance at the forthcoming event, Outside the Square, Peter Phibbs, Professor of Urban Planning, offers a frank assessment of the issues causing the housing affordability crisis.
21 August 2018

The 5th annual Festival of Urbanism

Discussing, questioning and celebrating, this year's Festival of Urbanism asks you to change your view of the city. Industry leaders bring an exciting schedule of events rolling out across Australia's two largest cities.
06 August 2018

Five minutes with Manasa Marasani

As Semester 2 at the University begins, we catch up with international student Manasa Marasani to find out her hopes for studying at Sydney.
02 August 2018

University of Sydney launches Master of Design

Australia's leading architecture school, The University of Sydney's School of Architecture, Design and Planning, introduces a new postgraduate course in 2019 focusing on the fields of design innovation and strategic design.
23 July 2018

100 years of Sydney's School of Architecture, Design and Planning

The University of Sydney presents an immersive schedule of events to mark the centenary of the School of Architecture, Design and Planning and welcomes international architect Daniel Libeskind.
17 July 2018

Five minutes with Mathew Aitchison

We spent five minutes with Professor Mathew Aitchison, from the School of Architecture, Design & Planning, to hear how he went from studying architecture by accident, to establishing the Innovation in Applied Design Lab in 2015.
17 July 2018

Changing rooms: Advanced design explores new adaptive living

Explore the future of apartment living: The University of Sydney undertakes new research into housing needs and reveals an exciting apartment prototype that allows residents to adapt internal space to suit their living needs.
16 July 2018

Design thinking leads to more than just great ideas

A human-centred design approach has led three masters students to create a new product allowing expectant mothers to connect with their unborn child.
12 July 2018

Architecture boosted by major gift from Susan and Garry Rothwell

A high-profile Sydney couple say too many of our city's big building projects go to international firms. They plan to 'turbocharge' Australian architecture with a generous donation.
22 June 2018

Design courses launched to support business innovation

The University of Sydney, with the support of the NSW Government, is delivering two open online courses to help businesses and entrepreneurs embrace innovation and grow through design thinking.
21 June 2018

When form becomes functional: Masters students serious about engineering

Tension was high in the final week of semester as Master of Architecture students prepared to present their work to engineers from multinational firm Arup.