5 reasons to study Design Computing

5 October 2018
Prepare for a career in a rapidly expanding digital world
Are you a talented individual seeking a career in user-experience design or interaction design? Do you want to use technology creatively for design and commercial purposes? Our Design Computing degree at Sydney could be the perfect choice for you.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Future-proof your career

"The digital world is changing so fast and you’ve got to keep up.  I concentrated on design theory and technical skills when I was at Sydney and I think his gave me a big advantage. I work at a global design agency and they’re really impressed with the students coming out of this degree, we’ve got loads of grads working here."

- Kate Roden, Visual Designer, Wunderman Bienalto

2. Get a great job

"Design Computing grads are always going to be in high demand. Even before leaving uni many are being headhunted by small start-ups, all the way through to big multinationals. This degree is recognised all over the world, which means I can basically work anywhere."

- Matt Russell, Senior Product Manager, Atlassian

3. Do cool stuff

"In my internship at Google I was a user experience designer in the Android Google Maps team. I used what I’ve been learning in my degree every day."

- Sophie Gardner, Intern, Google

4. Only course of its kind in Australia

"This is the only undergraduate degree in the whole country that gives you specialised training for a career in interaction design and creative technologies."

- Paul Rogers, Senior Developer and Technical Coordinator, PwC

5. Best grad party ever

"The graduate exhibition gets more than 5000 visitors through its doors. This is your chance to get work in front of a wider audience, network with employers, and graduate with a portfolio that will get you noticed in the industry".

Isabella Bain, User Experience Designer, IBM

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