Become a Strategic Leader with the Master of Design

18 September 2018
Industry leaders of tomorrow
Develop your skills in design-led innovation, strategic design and lead by design in challenging environments and global economies.

Whether your background is in science, business, engineering or the arts, the ability to think like a designer will set you on an accelerated path towards your future career. The Master of Design will introduce you to the principles of design-led innovation, strategy and research methods, equipping you with the ability to lead by design in challenging environments and global economies.

You will learn how to apply design processes to tackle complex problems, develop strategies for innovation, and devise practices that lead to a strategic advantage in the market.  You’ll be engaged in both analytical and creative thinking, and acquire broad skills in communication, information literacy, inventiveness and critical thinking. 

All businesses need to continually create new value for their customers. Design is the discipline of creating new value, so I believe an understanding of design will become at least as important as accounting, law and marketing – and a Master of Design will become the new MBA for innovation and strategy.
Crighton Nichols, Director, Digital Innovation and Head of Business Engagement, PwC Australia

When you undertake the Master of Design, you will not only work on real-world projects, but also have the opportunity to complete an internship and to pursue a capstone project in collaboration with an industry partner. 

Streams available in the Master of Design

At the masters level, this degree can be taken over 1.5 or 2 years. You can elect to specialise in either:

The program can also be taken at the level of:

The Design Innovation specialisation focuses on creating design-led solutions, while Strategic Design offers a framework for developing design-led visions.

Where can a degree in design take you?

Graduates of the Master of Design will be prepared to perform roles in organisations that incorporate design skills, design innovation and strategic design into their ways of doing business. These roles include:

  • chief design officer
  • strategic designer
  • design manager
  • customer experience designer
  • innovation strategist
  • digital innovation director

Michael Ford, Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts Graduate 2011

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