Alumni light up Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay

7 March 2018
A showcase of 22 light art installations from 14 countries
Bachelor of Design Computing graduates Isabella Bain and Christopher Simpson’s MailboX is one of 22 captivating art installations set to light up Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay as part of the annual I Light Marina Bay festival.
Mailbox project on show in Singapore

Organised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, the sixth edition of the sustainable light art festival will feature installations created by artists from all around the world. Designed with energy-saving lighting, recycled or environmentally-friendly materials, the light art installations reinforce Marina Bay’s position as a sustainable precinct and serve as reminders to encourage festival goers and the public to adopt sustainable habits in their everyday lives.

The duo’s work, MailboX, was built to inspire individuals to be more positively and sustainably connected through verbal and written conversation. “Social media is currently turning us into antisocial beings due to the abundance of digital communication platforms. Receiving a letter or a call from a good friend used to be common practice, but sadly we are now forgetting the importance of verbal and written correspondence. MailboX is a three-meter tall, larger than life installation that uses the traditional shape of a postbox to recreate messages through entertaining and interactive experiences” explains Isabella and Chris.

Addressing the festival’s sustainability criteria, MailboX uses energy efficient RGB LED technology. “Each LED dot pixels draws only 1W of power, meaning that the overall power consumption for the MailboX is very low in comparison to more traditional lighting technology. The lighting is all controlled digitally by a timer, allowing Mailbox to switch off when not in use” explains Isabella.

The festival runs from 9 March - 1 April 2018 and also features a range of fringe activities for visitors to enjoy, bringing vibrancy to the public spaces in the precinct. View the program.  

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