2018 winners of the Noel Chettle Memorial Art Prize Exhibition

25 October 2018
A showcase of outstanding cross-disciplinary works
The Noel Chettle Memorial Art Prizes were presented for outstanding student achievement in the Art Processes units between semester 2, 2017 and semester 1, 2018.

The Noel Chettle Memorial Art Prize Exhibition showcases 2D and 3D works by students in the Art Processes units across the School of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Sydney.

Set up in 1978 by Mrs E M Chettle in memory of her husband Noel Chettle, the annual prizes are given in support of Noel’s interest in the ‘encouragement of youthful ideas in art’.

Core units for the Bachelor of Design in Architecture, this program is also open to students from across the University as electives. Koji Ryui, Lecturer in Architecture explains, “Students from other disciplines often take us by welcomed surprise, introducing fresh angles to our projects. We love the idea of our units being a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences drawing from students own background of studies.”

“The Noel Chettle Memorial Art Prize Exhibition is an opportunity for us to bring together a diverse field of commendable works from all Art Processes units into one context. Thanks to all tutors and students, the standard of the entries are getting higher every year” said Koji. Six students were awarded for their achievements across the two categories of 2D and 3D Processes.

Bachelor of Design in Architecture student, William Stephenson, was awarded first prize in the 3D category for his work traces, a response to a section of excavated cliff face at Walsh Bay. On receiving the award, William said “Winning the Noel Chettle award has given me the privilege and confidence to imagine a broader design practice. It has enabled me to believe that it’s possible to practice both an artistic design career as well as an architectural one. I have always had a passion for cross disciplinary artistic practice and this award has given me the motivation to pursue this.”

Third year Bachelor of Design in Architecture student, Ryan Cai, won first prize for his 2D work, Photo Album 1998, developed during the Art Processes unit. Encouraging students to creatively explore dynamic transactions between art and architecture, Ryan said “The unit has really helped me with the communication of my ideas.”

Exhibition curated by Chris Fox and Koji Ryui coordinators of the Art Processes Units.

2018 Award Recipients:

2D processes

  • 1st prize $1000: Ryan Cai
  •  2nd prize $700: Emily Clare Malek
  • 3rd prize $300: Opheria Paroissen
  • Highly commended: Yuhan Li, Nicholas Wooley, Yiyi Fan

3D processes

  • 1st prize $1000: William Stephenson
  • 2nd prize $700: Huyen Shayla Nguyen
  • 3rd prize $300: Shiqi Han
  •  Highly Commended: Peter Bone, Lewis Miles, Sarah Anstee

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