Dr Cameron Logan honoured by the Society of Architectural Historians

3 May 2019
Award recognising published works devoted to historical topics in preservation
The Society of Architectural Historians has named the 2019 recipients of the prestigious SAH Publication Awards, honouring excellence in architectural history, urban history, landscape history and historic preservation scholarship, as well as architectural exhibition catalogues.

Dr Cameron Logan received the Antoinette Forrester Downing Book Award for his published work, Historic Capital: Preservation, Race, and Real Estate in Washington, D.C. (University of Minnesota Press, 2017.)

The book is a chronicle of historic preservation’s profound impact on Washington, D.C., highlighting the major changes urban revitalization has made on American cities.

Historic Capital shows how Washington, D.C.’s historic buildings and neighborhoods have been a site of contestation between local interests and the expansion of the federal government’s footprint. It ultimately makes the case that historic preservation has had as great an impact on the physical fabric of U.S. cities as any other private or public sector initiative in the twentieth century.

Dr Logan is an urban and architectural historian and Director of the postgraduate program in Heritage Conservation at the School of Architecture, Design and Planning. His work is concerned with civic culture, public architecture and the political, architectural and urban implications of heritage conservation practice.

He has a longstanding research interest in buildings for health and education, which has led to his most recent book, Architecture and the Modern Hospital: Nosokomeion to Hygeia, co-authored with Julie Wills and Philip Goad.

He is currently a Chief Investigator on the Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery project, Campus: Building Modern Australian Universities.

About the SAH

The SAH was founded at Harvard University in 1940. It is an international nonprofit membership organization that promotes the study, interpretation and conservation of architecture, design, landscapes and urbanism worldwide.

SAH serves a network of local, national and international institutions and individuals who, by profession or interest, focus on the built environment and its role in shaping contemporary life. SAH promotes meaningful public engagement with the history of the built environment through advocacy efforts, print and online publications, and local, national and international programs.

Visit the SAH website for a full list of 2019 recipients.

Dr Cameron Logan
Director, Postgraduate Program in Heritage Conservation

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