Supporting research, education and scholarship opportunities
Our foundations secure research grants, gifts and other non-financial contributions to promote teaching and research opportunities and engage the wider community.

Celtic Studies Foundation 

Founded at the University of Sydney in 1986, the Celtic Studies Foundation supports teaching and research in the study of Celtic languages, history and archaeology. In 2015, the foundation received a generous gift from the Scottish and Welsh communities to make possible teaching in Scottish Gaelic and Modern Welsh. The foundation also hosts public lectures and conferences to share their research findings with their community and the wider public.

Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation

The Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation facilitates research in the archaeology of the Near East, Egypt and Cyprus and brings the world of Near Eastern archaeology to the general public. The foundation holds public lectures and seminars and conducts overseas archaeological study tours for students. They also provide annual research grants to students in Australia and New Zealand.

Power Institute

Established by a bequest from alumnus Dr John Joseph Wardell Power, the Power Institute is a research and public education foundation. Through generous gifts and the support of the Power Foundation Council, the Power Institute:

  • supports student scholarship opportunities
  • contributes to the collection of resources at the Schaeffer Fine Arts Library
  • coordinates the Power publications and the Public Education program
  • publishes books about visual culture by Australian and international researchers
  • works in close collaboration with a number of affiliated institutions, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Art Gallery of New South Wales and Sydney College of the Arts.

Sydney Peace Foundation

The Sydney Peace Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes peace with justice. Through Partners in Peace, the foundation brings together business, media, public service and community stakeholders with academics to:

  • select and award the Sydney Peace Prize
  • recognise significant contributions to peace by young people through the Youth Peace Initiative
  • award scholarships and internships in peace, human rights and conflict resolution
  • develop corporate sector and community understanding of the value of peace with justice
  • support the Discipline of Sociology and Criminology.