Students entering the Quadrangle

Strategy 2024-25

Shaping future thinkers, leaders and change agents
The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) was the first faculty of Australia’s first university. Building on its 170-year history, FASS will be at the heart of ensuring the University of Sydney is ready to succeed in the decades ahead.

Our research

In 2032, our globally recognised research in humanities, arts, and social sciences addresses enduring scholarly questions and pressing societal issues, offering unique solutions to 21st-century challenges. We prioritise impact and engagement, delivering outcomes benefiting national and international communities. Through collaborative interdisciplinary work, we embody sustainability, ethics, and inclusivity, valuing diverse perspectives. Our distinct research approach attracts external partners and diverse funding sources.

Our aspirations

Building on the First Nations knowledge of these lands, we are Australia’s first university, Sydney’s university and a great global university

Our student-focused education is transformational


Our community thrives through diversity


Our research is excellent, tackles the greatest challenges and contributes to the common good


A better place to work, and a place that works better

Our academic community

In 2032, our academic community supports our higher degree research (HDR) students to pursue diverse career paths. Through collaborative training with community, public sector, and industry partners, our HDR graduates adeptly tackle a broad spectrum of societal challenges. We foster a solutions-oriented approach across all levels, empowering students to make meaningful contributions to a changing world. Employers highly regard their initiative, inclusive leadership, and ethical work practices. Our students benefit from learning from disciplinary experts while gaining relevant education for their lifelong goals. They actively engage in co-designing classroom practices, cohort environments, and assessments, feeling empowered in their educational journey. Our peer universities recognise us as innovators of education.

Our alumni

Our alumni regularly return to the University to continue their studies and collaborate in networks enabled by FASS’s strong discipline-focused communities. They advocate for us across their global connections, and we value learning from their experiences and knowledge.

Our community

In 2032, FASS prioritises a stronger partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and acknowledges its responsibility to surrounding communities. Diversity among students, staff, and stakeholders strengthens FASS, emphasising the value of pluralism.

Our staff

We attract the very best academic and professional staff from around the world, who bring new ideas, perspectives and experiences. All our staff value an inspiring and innovative environment where collaboration is cultivated by addressing research and educational challenges within and across our disciplines. We recognise the contributions of our people and help them develop their careers.

Our partnerships

In 2032, our partnerships with key community, government, and business organisations drive positive societal change through innovative research and teaching collaborations. Facilitated by our vibrant Arts Precinct, which fosters interaction among staff, students, partners, and neighbours, we celebrate and exchange ideas in humanities, arts, and social sciences. This collaborative environment demonstrates the mutual enrichment of FASS disciplines and partners, emphasising the impact of our multilateral relationships. Together, we achieve more than we could individually.