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ARTiculate Talk Series

Sharing our knowledge with the future leaders of our society
A unique opportunity to gain insights into arts and social sciences topics beyond the classroom. Engage with the top minds from the University of Sydney.

Our ARTiculate virtual talk series aims to support high school students to enrich their understanding in subjects related to arts, humanities and social sciences, and serve as a resource to teachers. The series explores key ideas in the disciplines and provides insights into the selected topics.

Designed and delivered by academic experts in the field, each talk complements the knowledge students gain in the classroom, while providing a unique opportunity to engage with leading academics from the University of Sydney.

To attend these virtual series, a supervising adult must be present throughout the duration of the workshop.

Upcoming topics


Health economics

Tuesday 20 July, 4-4.45pm

Healthcare is a rich setting to study economics. A relevant example for every concept and tool used in economics can be found in this complex industry. Explore how we decide what is fair, while looking at some examples from the COVID-19 policy response.

Ancient History - Agrippina the Younger

Tuesday 17 August, 12–12.45pm

Julia Agrippina was one of the most powerful women in Roman history. Discover how an ancient historian approached the study of a personality in the past, and recent interpretations of this fascinating woman.

Geography and Economics with Political Economy - Geographies of capitalism

Wednesday 1 September, 5-5.45pm

Discover the everyday life of the economy, exploring how everything places us within a global web of economic relationships while introducing an 'economic geography' perspective.

Ancient History - The Athenian Acropolis and Agora

Thursday 19 August, 12–12.45pm

Explore the development of the Athenian Empire and Periklean Athens through the nature of the buildings and the creation of public spaces, as well as the architectural sculpture from the fifth and sixth century.

French Continuers and Extension - La Francophonie

Wednesday 8 September, 4–4.45pm

Join us in this interactive webinar designed around the French-speaking world theme of the French Continuers Stage 6 Syllabus. We will explore its meaning, origins manifestation in different continents and legacy in contemporary France. The webinar will be delivered in French.

Past ARTiculate webinars

If you would like the access to the Society and Culture webinar recordings, please send the request to

  • Identity as a social concept
  • Popular and celebrity feminisms in the 21st century
  • Race, difference and popular culture

Request future ARTiculate topics

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