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ARTiculate Talk Series

Sharing our knowledge with the future leaders of our society
A unique opportunity to gain insights into arts and social sciences topics beyond the classroom. Engage with the top minds from the University of Sydney.

Our ARTiculate talk series aims to support high school students to enrich their understanding in subjects related to arts, humanities and social sciences, and serve as a resource to teachers. The series explores key ideas in the disciplines and provides insights into the selected topics.

Designed and delivered by academic experts in the field, each talk complements the knowledge students gain in the classroom, while providing a unique opportunity to engage with leading academics from the University of Sydney.

Upcoming topics

A scenic image of Pompeii

Ancient History: What’s new in ancient Pompeii? A review of recent archaeological research

Tuesday 14 November, 5 - 6 pm
Presenter: Dr Sophie Hay
Stage 6 Syllabus: HSC Core Study: Cities of Vesuvius – Pompeii and Herculaneum 

Our knowledge of the daily lives of the inhabitants Pompeii is continually changing and evolving thanks to recent archaeological work on site. By highlighting some of the latest discoveries from the new excavations in Regions V and IX and from a suburban Roman villa together with the results of some recent conservation of houses in Pompeii, this talk will address various aspects of quotidian life across all strata of Roman society. In addition to the exciting discoveries on site, intriguing material can also be found in the archives of Pompeii and one such find shall be revealed.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A. 

This webinar is delivered in collaboration with the Chau Chak Wing Museum.

ARTiculate Drama

Drama: Moving your monologue from page to stage

Thursday 23 November, 5 - 6 pm
Presenters: Dr Paul Dwyer, Jimmy Dalton, and Apsara Lindeman
Stage 6 Syllabus: HSC Drama Individual Project

Many HSC Drama students, for their Individual Project, will be taking on the challenge of rehearsing and presenting a monologue performance. In this webinar, the Discipline of Theatre and Performance Studies (TaPS) will take you through a concentrated version of the whole process, from selecting a suitable script, to understanding its context within the play, exploring your character’s actions and objectives, getting the words into your body and onto the floor. Theatre director, Jimmy Dalton, and performer, Apsara Lindeman, will workshop a monologue performance, sharing tips and tricks as they go, with a Q&A session led by Senior Lecturer and Chair of TaPS, Dr Paul Dwyer. 

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2023 webinar recordings

Catch up on the topics by watching our webinar recordings. To access the recordings from 2022 and earlier, please visit our Learning Resources page.

Economics | Macroeconomic and fiscal challenges 

Presenters: Dr Christian Gillitzer and Mr Darren Svanfelds (Sciences Po Dual Degree)

Stage 6 Syllabus: HSC Topic 4: Economic policies and management 

English | Critical and creative responses under pressure

Presenters:  Dr Meg Brayshaw and Dr Meera Atkinson

Learning material: Download the Critical Responses Stimulus Booklet (pdf, 1.6MB).

Modern History: Wartime Diplomacy and China’s Status as a Great Power

Presenter: Dr David Brophy

Stage 6 Syllabus: HSC National Studies Option 2: China 1927 – 1949

PDHPE | Health equity in Australia today

Presenters: Dr Katherine KennyDr Kellie BurnsDr Cristyn Davies and Imogen Harper

Stage 6 Syllabus:  HSC Option 5: Equity and health


Spanish Continuers and Extension | What is next?

Presenter: Dr Raquel Bra Núñez

Stage 6 Syllabus: HSC Topic: The Spanish-speaking communities

Studies of Religion | Australian religion in social context - census data, land rights and the constitution

Presenters: Dr Christopher Hartney and Dr Tara Smith

Stage 6 Syllabus: HSC Topic 1 - Religion and belief systems in Australia post-1945