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ARTiculate Talk Series

Sharing our knowledge with the future leaders of our society
A unique opportunity to gain insight into arts and social sciences topics beyond the classroom. Engage with leading academics from the University of Sydney.

Introduced in 2021, the ARTiculate Talk Series aims to provide senior high school students with additional support complementing the curriculum to enrich their understanding in HSC subjects related to arts, humanities, languages and social sciences. 

Delivered by academic experts in the field, each talk explores key concepts taught in the classroom while providing further insight into the topics studied. These talks are designed to be a resource for teachers, and they provide a unique opportunity to engage with our outstanding academics as they share their knowledge and current research.

Upcoming topics

Exciting new topics are on the way. Stay tuned as we unveil more topics.

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Economics | Exploring Australia's balance of payments and trade dynamics in a global context

Thursday 23 May, 5 - 6 pm | Webinar

HSC Topic: Topic Two – Australia’s Place in the Global Economy
Presenter: Dr IKM Mokhtarul Wadud

Learn about Australia's balance of payments (BOP) in the context of open economy macroeconomics. In this talk, Dr Wadud will highlight the evolution of Australia's BOP over recent decades, with a particular focus on how the dynamics of comparative advantage in trade of certain products and associated changes in foreign investment have shaped the Australian BOP and the Australian economy over the years. The role of the mining boom and the Australian economy’s growth trajectory in the post-GFC period will also be highlighted. 

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Studies of Religion | Three versions of Paul (or more) and Christian bioethics

Thursday 30 May, 5 – 6pm | Webinar

HSC Topic: Religious Tradition Depth Study – Christianity
Presenter: Dr Christopher Humphrey Hartney

This talk will be divided in two parts: St Paul and Christian bioethics. There are a multitude of attitudes to St Paul academic, theological and mythic. Was he the real founder of Christianity? The first writer of Scripture? Here we examine his legacy from numerous academic viewpoints and survey the most relevant sources. We will also look at how bioethical responses from even a single tradition such as Christianity can change over time and lose and gain intensities and focus, as well as consider why with some telling examples.

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ARTiculate English | Filming techniques and symbolism in 'Billy Elliot'

Thursday 20 June, 5 – 6 pm | Webinar

HSC Topic: Common Module - Texts and Human Experiences
Presenter: Associate Professor Frances Di Lauro

Explore how filming techniques and symbolism enrich the storyline of 'Billy Elliot'. In this webinar, we will delve into the nuanced use of close-up and wide-angle shots, illuminating the emotional depth and harsh realities of working-class existence. The stark confinement of coal mines contrasts with the freedom of the dance studio, symbolising Billy's journey towards self-expression and liberation from societal constraints. Through motifs and metaphors, we will examine themes of resilience, self-discovery, and the pursuit of freedom, encapsulating the transformative power of artistic expression in transcending societal norms and fostering personal growth.

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ARTiculate Writing Skills Workshop | Writing for the future: The rhetorical secrets that prepare you for HSC and university writing

Thursday 27 June 5 – 6pm | Webinar 

HSC Subjects: English (all levels), HSIE, Creative Arts, PDHPE, Languages 
Presenters: Associate Professor Susan Thomas, Dr Benjamin Miller and Dr Christopher Humphrey Hartney

This presentation brings together experts on writing and argumentation to improve your approach to communication. A/Prof Susan Thomas will show how rhetorical strategies developed by the ancient Greeks are still relevant to writing in a world where AI seems to be everywhere. Dr Benjamin Miller will reveal how these strategies can help you in your HSC writing, with tips for essay and exam writing. And Dr Chris Hartney will point to aspects of writing that HSC students need to develop as they move into University. Get a head start on writing for the future in this important workshop.

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Webinar recordings

To access the past ARTiculate webinar recordings, please visit our Learning Resources page.

Ancient History

Greek writers on Sparta: A survey of perspectives

HSC Topic: Ancient Societies | Option G – Spartan society to the Battle of Leuctra 371 BC 
Presenter: Dr Ben Brown