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ARTiculate Talk Series

Sharing our knowledge with the future leaders of our society
A unique opportunity to gain insights into arts and social sciences topics beyond the classroom. Engage with the top minds from the University of Sydney.

Our ARTiculate talk series aims to support high school students to enrich their understanding in subjects related to arts, humanities and social sciences, and serve as a resource to teachers. The series explores key ideas in the disciplines and provides insights into the selected topics.

Designed and delivered by academic experts in the field, each talk complements the knowledge students gain in the classroom, while providing a unique opportunity to engage with leading academics from the University of Sydney.

Upcoming topics

English: Critical and creative responses under pressure

Image: English

Thursday 15 June, 5 - 6 pm | Online

Presenters: Dr Meg Brayshaw and Dr Meera Atkinson

This talk aims to help students navigate critical and creative strategies in HSC exam in two parts - Part 1 for responding critically to unseen texts in Module A: Texts and Human Experiences, and Part 2 for responding to writing prompts in Advance/Standard Module C: The Craft of Writing and EAL/D Module: Focus on Writing

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Spanish Continuers and Extension: what is next?

Image: Spanish

Monday 31 July, 5 - 6 pm | Online

Presenter: Dr Raquel Bra Núñez

Stage 6 Syllabus | HSC Topic: The Spanish-speaking communities

This interactive webinar is designed around the 'Spanish-speaking communities' theme of the Spanish Continuers Stage 6 syllabus. We will explore the Spanish-speaking communities in different countries through their music, art, literature and film, as well as their relevant position in a global and interconnected world.

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PDHPE: Health equity in Australia today

Image: PDHPE

Thursday 3 August, 5 - 6 pm | Online

Presenters: Dr Katherine KennyDr Kellie BurnsDr Cristyn Davies and Imogen Harper

Stage 6 Syllabus | HSC Option 5: Equity and health

Although Australia provides ‘universal’ healthcare through the publicly funded Medicare scheme, enormous health disparities exist among and across our population. This talk discusses how health is socially patterned in ways that systematically advantage some people over others. We will also highlight how better health equity might be achieved, especially for young people in Australia today.

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Modern History: Wartime Diplomacy and China’s Status as a Great Power

Image: Modern History

Thursday 31 August, 5 - 6 pm

Presenter: Dr David Brophy

Stage 6 Syllabus | HSC National Studies Option 2: China 1927 – 1949

This webinar will discuss China’s diplomatic strategies during its war of resistance against Japan and World War II. We will consider shifting relationships with great powers such as the Soviet Union and the United States, and the way that these relationships were complicated by China’s own social divisions and the Guomindang’s rivalry with the Chinese Communist Party.

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Resources - Webinar recordings

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