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Educational resources for English, Human Society and Its Environment, and Languages
Watch our previous ARTiculate Talk Series webinars and listen to the podcasts below as our academics share their insights and highlight their latest research within our Faculty.

ARTiculate English webinar recording: Critical and creative responses under pressure (2023)

To access the 2024 ARTiculate webinar recordings, please visit our ARTiculate Talk Series page.

Creative Arts

Moving your monologue from page to stage


Human Society and Its Environment

What’s new in ancient Pompeii? A review of recent archaeological research
  • Presenter: Dr Sophie Hay
  • Stage 6 Syllabus: HSC Core Study: Cities of Vesuvius – Pompeii and Herculaneum
Agrippina the Younger
The Athenian Acropolis and Agora- Buildings, Society and Empire

For additional resources related to Ancient History, check out the Museum Resources section on this page.

Macroeconomic and fiscal challenges
  • Presenters: Dr Christian Gillitzer and Mr Darren Svanfelds (Sciences Po Dual Degree)
  • Stage 6 Syllabus: HSC Topic 4: Economic policies and management 
Health Economics to support understanding of microeconomics
  • Presenter: Dr Rebecca McKibbin           
  • Stage 6 syllabus: HSC Topic 4 | Economic policies and management
The fiscal response to COVID and its impact
  • Presenter: Associate Professor Aarti Singh
  • Stage 6 syllabus: HSC Topic 4 | Economic policies and management
Geographies of capitalism
  • Presenter: Dr Gareth Bryant 
  • Stage 6 syllabus: HSC Topic 3 | People and Economic Activity
Modern History: Wartime Diplomacy and China’s Status as a Great Power
  • Presenter: Dr David Brophy
  • Stage 6 Syllabus: HSC National Studies Option 2: China 1927 – 1949
Beyond panics towards connection, ethics and digital citizenship
  • Presenter: Professor Catharine Lumby and Dr Catherine Page Jeffery
Identity as a social concept
  • Presenter: Associate Professor Ruth Barcan
  • Stage 6 syllabus: Preliminary and HSC | Integrated Concepts
  • On demand: Please contact us to access the recording.
Popular and celebrity feminisms in the 21st century
  • Presenter: Dr Anthea Taylor
  • Stage 6 syllabus: HSC | Depth study: Belief Systems and Ideologies
  • On demand: Please contact us to access the recording.
Race, difference and popular culture
  • Presenter: Dr Jane Park 
  • Stage 6 syllabus: HSC | Depth study: Social Inclusion and Exclusion
  • On demand: Please contact us to access the recording.
Australian religion in social context - census data, land rights and the constitution
  • Presenters: Dr Christopher Hartney and Dr Tara Smith
  • Stage 6 Syllabus: HSC Topic 1 - Religion and belief systems in Australia post-1945


The 'Xianxia' genre of fantasy TV dramas
  • Presenter: Dr Yu Sang
  • Stage 6 Syllabus: HSC | Contexts and texts
La Francophonie
  • Stage 6 Syllabus: Preliminary HSC | French-speaking communities
  • The recording includes an information session on the Sciences Po Dual Degree.
What is next?



Health equity in Australia today


Museum resources

Museum educational resources
  • Discover a range of education programs offered for all ages including early learners, primary programs and curriculum-based secondary programs.
Virtual Tour
  • Launched in collaboration with the School of Humanities and the Department of Education, the virtual tour is designed to bring the Chau Chak Wing Museum’s collections to a broad audience of high school students. 


Discover the latest podcasts from our experts. Tune in for entertaining discussions, thought-provoking insights and interesting facts. Topics include Aboriginal Studies, Ancient History, Economics, English, Languages, Modern History, Society and Culture.

Object Matters - Chau CHak Wing Museum
  • Join Dr Craig Barker as he and a guest discuss one item in detail from our collections of art, archaeology, natural history, science and culture. Tune in for Object Matters.
Reimagined Futures - Sydney Environment Institute
  • Join us for a seven-part podcast series produced by the Sydney Environment Institute, navigating the critical questions and myths surrounding life under a climate-changed future. The series explores how some of the most impacted communities in the world are engaging in collective action to reimagine a just and sustainable future for all.  Tune in for Reimagined Futures.

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