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Hugh Harley appointed Professor of Practice (Global Economy)

1 July 2020
New appointment to bridge industry with research and education
Alumnus and former PwC Financial Services Leader (Asia-Pacific), Hugh Harley brings his industry and teaching experience to his new role as Professor of Practice (Global Economy).
Hugh Harley

Professor of Practice, Hugh Harley 

The School of Economics has appointed Hugh Harley as Professor of Practice (Global Economy).  Hugh is alumnus of the School and returns to teaching after three decades of working in banking and finance across Australia and Asia.

“My first permanent job was tutoring Economics I at the University and my appointment as Professor of Practice (Global Economy) is the fulfillment of a long-held desire to return to teaching. In my mind, there are few greater privileges than being able to teach – hopefully to influence students for the better – and so I am very excited about this.”

Professor Garry Barrett, Head of the School of Economics, also welcomed Hugh’s appointment to this new role. “We are delighted that Hugh will be joining the School as a Professor of Practice. Hugh has been part of our teaching for years prior to this appointment and we look forward to the continued enthusiasm and fresh perspective he brings to teaching.”

Hugh will continue to teach an undergraduate course on the Australian Economy while teaching a new postgraduate course on Global Economic History. “I am particularly pleased to be able to teach both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The two groups have different needs and I hope I can bring something to each of them. The new course on Global Economic History seeks to map out the path of the global economy over the last 1,000 years, and use that longue durée perspective to help students make better sense of today’s world and where we may be going.”

In my mind, there are few greater privileges than being able to teach – hopefully to influence students for the better – and so I am very excited about this.
Hugh Harley, Professor of Practice (Global Economy)

In recognising Hugh’s professional experience, the School of Economics has given him a focus to work individually with students on their study and career choices. “Hugh has been a successful leader in many fields from the public and private sector to not-for-profits. His involvement in corporate, professional partnerships and academia means he brings a broad perspective to our current students which can help guide their future career decisions,” says Professor Garry Barrett. “Our students go on to become senior leaders in their respective fields. Often it is the experience of our alumni industry leaders, such as Hugh, which can show them the possibility of what they can achieve too.”    

Implicit in the University’s decision to adopt the new Professor of Practice role is to encourage closer interaction between the University and the non-tertiary sectors. “I have long been passionate about the need in Australia for greater porosity between the academic and non-academic sectors, especially in the humanities which have tended to lag behind scientific and medical disciplines on this dimension. I hope my appointment is a worthwhile step in this.”

Hugh hold honours degrees in economics and law from the University of Sydney and an MPhil in Economics from Cambridge University. After his initial stint teaching, Hugh joined the Commonwealth Bank as an economist, ultimately being responsible for Group Strategy, and the largest business unit, Retail Banking.  Prior to re-joining the University, Hugh spent a decade at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, leading the firm’s financial services practice in Australia, and then in Asia-Pacific. Throughout his career, Hugh has been an active contributor to the public debate.

Professor of Practice is a new role at the University which engages people of public distinction with extensive real-world experience to help bring issues confronting the broader community into our research and education.

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